How To Lay Tile In A New Shower Install Do The Floor Or Walls First?

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    This is a common question that I get a lot and there is some debate on which is better to install first the floor tile or the wall tile when you are installing a shower surround made of Tile.

    The first thing that you have to consider is that in all other places in your home when you are installing materials where water is a problem you want to start at the bottom and then …

    How To Know When The Dealer Is The Best Place To Get Your Car Repaired

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      There are a lot of people that fear the dealer especially if they are someone on a budget but there are times when a dealer really is the best situation for your repairs. In this How To we will look at some of the repairs that a Factory Dealership does best and when it might be best that you find a local shop.

      Cost is always going to be more at a Factory Dealership because …

      How To Not Get Screwed On A New Concrete Driveway

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        A Friend is asking about a concrete job they just contracted for. They live in a Southern State and the driveway will be 16 feet wide and 70 feet long with an additional slab near their carport at the home for additional parking.

        The contractor was suggested to them by other contractors that are backed up with work. He has said he is licensed and insured but hasn’t provided proof of it yet and even …

        How To Buy Or Build A Garden Shed And Whats Right For You

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          In this How To we will look at the benefits and drawbacks of either buying or building your own garden shed. We will consider the costs and availability of materials and what extras you may not have considered when you thought you just wanted that extra room for the lawnmower.

          Many people don’t realize that when you are building something as insignificant as a garden shed in your backyard you most likely will have to …

          How To Lay Tile In An Older Home That Does Not Have A Plywood Subfloor

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            A friend of ours is asking about a bathroom upgrade that they are planning and they are wondering about the best method for installing a tile floor in their bathroom over an existing board subfloor. They are wondering if they should remove the old subfloor or supplement it with a plywood subfloor before installing their cement backer board and then their tiles.

            This is a common situation for any home that was built in the …

            How To Refinish A Deck That Was Mistakenly Painted With Latex Paint

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              One of our friends is asking for some help with his deck. He is a new home owner and wanted to clean up his deck and decided to use some primer and latex paint instead of staining. The results are pretty ugly and the paint is chipping off in wear areas and in random areas around the deck surface. Unfortunately it seems that he painted everything including the railings and steps and now doesn’t …

              How To Repair Your Homes Rim Joist And Sill Plate

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                A friend asks about some water damage he found along his foundation when he removed his deck and he is wondering just how hard it will be for him to do the work himself or if he needs to hire a structural engineer and a contractor.

                The problem is pretty common on homes that have attached decks where the contractor didn’t take care to make sure the home was waterproofed before he attached the deck …

                How To Resurface A Utility Table For Kitchen Food Preparation

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                  One of our friends asks about a utility table that they have in their kitchen and what would be the best way to resurface it to make it usable for food preparation in their kitchen. So, We are going to take a look at some of the possibilities that they have and recommend one that is probably the best and the safest way along with being the easiest way to get the job done.

                  At …

                  How To Clean Up A Crumbled Concrete Pathway In Your Backyard

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                    A Friend asks us how can they clean up the pathway in their backyard to make it look better and to improve its condition. Its a 3 foot wide concrete pathway that was placed on the back of the home to help with diverting rain away from the home. There is actually a pretty big grate in the path on the side of the home which diverts water out into the street and their …

                    How To Flush Your Automatic Transmission At Home With Basic Tools

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                      If you have an older vehicle that you care for on your own then you know that saving some money and doing the work right will make your car last longer and reduce the chance of a big expense in the end.

                      I would not suggest that you perform this work on a car that is still under drive train warranty because your dealer can do this for you but if you have an older …