How To Find The Cheapest Or Free Phone Plan For Your Cellphone Or Home

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    Today many people are giving up on home phones and going straight with a cellphone provider as their primary phone. This is great for some people especially if you are single but if you need a phone where the family can be reached or if you want to have a plan for your home so you can save money on your cellphone costs then there are a variety of options out there. If you want …

    How To Inspect A Used Car And Check List

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      A friend asks about a couple older cars that they are considering buying just to get back and forth to college. The first is a Van and the other is a Commuter Sedan. Neither of them have extremely high resale value which is good for them and the prices that the owners are asking are below NADA Book Value. The Van is going for $1000 and has about 125,000 miles and the Sedan is only …

      How To Use Your Television As A Computer Monitor

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        There are many reasons that people look into using their Television as a computer monitor. The first is that they may want to play videos or streaming content on a second monitor and space considerations of having both a television and a monitor come into play. The second is wanting to perform some work at home or have a second device for other family members. Whatever your reason for using your television as a computer …

        How To Raise A Basement Ceiling In A Rocky Mountainous Area

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          One of our friends asks about a project they have trying to increase the height of their basement ceiling. The problem they are having is that they are in a very rocky are and the foundation was built around boulders or ledge that the original home builder decided was too difficult to remove and this resulted in a basement that isn’t really usable.

          This situation is pretty common in older homes and I have seen outcrops …

          How To Clean Really Dirty Grout Lines In Your Kitchen Or Bathroom

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            One of our friends asks about cleaning some really stained tile grout in their kitchen. It seems that over the years the grout has just got darker and darker. Its not a small area it is most of the kitchen that has the problem so it is most likely due to dirt buildup and not mold.

            If the problem is in one general location such as near a sink or outside door or in the case …

            How To Replace Your Landline Phone With VOIP And Backup Cell Service

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              Many people have or are moving to a wireless phone system in their life. There are many benefits to this but one of the more important ones is that you take your number with you when you go out so you never miss a call to your home phone. Unfortunately with mobility there are other problems such as cell tower coverage and cost.

              Since a lot of people are asking about this subject it seems like …

              How To Understand The Best Use Of Gigabit Routers And Switches For Your Home Network

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                If you are like most people you have a variety of devices in your home that you want to connect to the internet and also connect to each other. There are many different methods for doing this from WiFi to Fiber Optic Devices but it can get a little confusing when you are trying to layout your network in the most efficient way.

                In this How To we will talk about the best practices of laying …

                How To Know If Bulk Wood Mulch Is Ok For Your Garden

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                  If your garden uses a large amount of Mulch around trees and near vegetables you probably have thought about having a bulk delivery of Mulch to reduce costs and to ease with the install but there are some things you should know before you jump right in and cover your garden with mulch.

                  In our gardens there are two primary areas: The vegetable garden and the rest of the yard.

                  Vegetable gardens must have extreme care when …

                  How To Save Money And Get Better Tools By Buying Remanufactured Tools

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                    Whenever I am talking with someone that has decided to take on their first large project the eventual question of what type of saw or drill should I purchase comes up. Most of the time this person has never worked with tools of a professional quality and they want to buy something that will last them a lifetime.

                    Unfortunately all tools will break and whether you can fix them or not will depend on the manufacturer’s …

                    How To Buy A Used Car From A Car Rental Company

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                      A friend asks about purchasing a new vehicle that they saw listed with one of the national car rental chains and is wondering why the price is so low in relation to other dealers and private sales. So, this is something that almost everyone goes through. You might get a notice from your bank or another organization that you deal with that your local car rental company is offering some used cars that you should …