How To Remove Carbon Buildup On Your Pistons And Cylinder Walls During Head Gasket Replacement

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    When you are working on your engine and replacing the head gasket and you will need to clean your deck surface before you install the new gasket this is a good time to clean up any carbon buildup that might be on the top portion of your cylinder walls and the top of the pistons.

    While doing so you will also be able to inspect the cylinder walls and deck and know if you need …

    How To Paint Your Car With Canned Spray Paint

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      A lot of people are talking about how you can paint your car or large sections of your vehicle with Spray Paint vs commercial grade paint that requires mixing and a professional gun and compressor so we thought we would look at what they are talking about and whether it actually works.

      The first thing to realize is that although they are painting with spray paint cans they are actually painting with professionally mixed paint. …

      How To Ten Things You Should Know Before You Plant Trees In Your Yard

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        If you are doing some landscaping or maybe you just purchased a new home and are getting ready to plant a few Trees there are some precautions that you should consider before picking Trees that will outgrow your home.

        When considering trees that are near your home you have many factors to consider.

        First is will the tree spread end up extending over your home. This is really not a good thing and all areas will …

        How To Planning Your Backyard Patio Before You Get In Too Deep

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          Many people love sitting in their backyard after work or playing with the kids and they want to improve what they have but sometimes they get these grand ideas before really considering what fits with their property.

          Before you begin any job it is important to plan it out and understand not only how it will look but how it will function for many years to come.

          A friend is starting a new backyard project that …

          How To Using Electric Car Batteries To Power Your Home

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            With the advancements in car batteries for electric cars manufacturers are now building systems that when charged with solar panels and wind power can be used to power your home at night. Already Australia is installing these systems that are tied back into the grid and can be used during peak power usage in the community and also to power homes at night.

            The cost is not something the average home owner can afford without …

            How To Reduce Your Reaction To Pollen And Allergies In Your Home

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              Spring is one of the worst times for most people when it comes to Pollen and Allergies but depending on your reaction the problem might not go away any time of the year.

              Whether you have strong reactions or just eye and sinus problems there are things that we all can do to reduce the effects and it might not take too much work.

              You should not leave your windows open during the spring. Even though …

              How To Replace Your Garage Lights With LED Lights

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                If you are considering upgrading your Garage Lighting with LED Bulbs there are some things you should keep in mind before you start. Although LED Bulbs do use less energy than regular incandescent lights the savings they provide over florescent shop lights is not quite as much.

                If you are simply replacing ceiling bulbs that are incandescent or florescent with LED screw in Bulbs then you are ready to go. Just install them and they …

                How To Buying Water Supply And Waste Line Insurance

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                  It has been getting pretty common for water companies and other third parties to offer you insurance that covers your water and waste lines both in the ground and inside your home. The coverage should repair any damage you have but are the costs of the insurance worth having?

                  Repairing the water and waste lines between your home and the street hookups is your responsibility. It is work that you can often perform yourself but …

                  How To Properly Ground Your Outdoor Antenna

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                    There are a number of people that are cutting the cord and moving to Antenna only or a combination of Antenna and Streaming as a lower cost solution for their home entertainment.

                    With this requires the use of an antenna to pick up local or even not so local broadcasts. The farther the broadcast tower is from you and the more obstructions between you and your broadcaster’s tower will force you to choose a roof …

                    How To Pick The Best Window Coverings For Your Home

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                      We are considering updating some of our window coverings in our home and I thought it might be a good time to go over what options are out there and what you might expect to pay. The first thing you need to consider is will you be doing the work yourself or will you be hiring a contractor or purchasing from a blind company and having them install your window coverings.

                      After looking at all …