How To Prevent Pests from Entering Your Home

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    In this How To a friend is asking about the best way to seal their foundation and areas at ground level to help prevent pests from entering their home.

    We have crickets and mice during the summer so we need to fill the cracks between our siding and foundation. We tried to caulk it with polyurethane caulking.

    Well at least they made an attempt and although its pretty ugly work it may help some. Unfortunately bugs …

    How To Tips for Saving Money when Using an Electric Stove

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      If you grew up with a Gas Stove and have to Migrate to an Electric Stove or if you just have high costs from cooking we are going to give you a few really simple tips to save money while cooking.

      With only a few exceptions will you find that Electric Range Cooking is up to the same service as Gas Ranges. And Cost in your area may depend on many factors so Gas may …

      How To Replacing Vinyl Siding on very Old House

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        One of our friends writes that they own a home that was built around the 1890’s and that the previous owner had placed vinyl siding on it. After inspecting some water damage around a window they found that there was some caulking that had failed and some of the window sill and maybe some of the original wood under the siding has failed.

        They are starting to get quotes about repairing and residing the entire …

        How To Cure a Musty Smelling Clothes Washer

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          Musty smelling clothes washers are a problem that many people have. Unfortunately this problem happens not because we aren’t good care takers of our homes but because of residual water that remains in the washer after use.

          This can be a very difficult problem to take care of because the bacteria that causes the smell will also cause your clean clothes to stink.

          The amount of bleach that you might use in your whites is normally …

          How To Avoid the Biggest mistakes of a Beginner Gardener

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            Over the past few months we have been talking with gardeners and asking them what are some of the biggest mistakes you made when you first got into Gardening.

            This How To will cover some of them in hopes that you can avoid them.
            Over Planting and Not Pruning
            The first mistake that many people shared was that they didn’t give their vegetables enough room to grow. On your package of seeds or on your planing spikes …

            How To Reduce Your Cable Internet Bill

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              If you are in an area that provides internet over your cable tv company’s line then you have probably looked at the costs involved. The first thing you should know is that if you are a large data user the major internet providers are going to limit your data download amount with what is called a Data Cap. Although there are FCC rules that force cable and phone providers to provide open access and …

              How To Clean Up a Backyard Walkway and Concrete Steps

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                One of our friends asks about their backyard. Its spring and they recently purchased their home and they want to clean up the backyard and make it more usable. One of the projects they have in mind is an area around some concrete steps that are in disrepair and they want to connect the area between the steps and the patio so they aren’t walking on dirt to get into the backyard.

                This is a …

                How To Setting Fence posts

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                  One of our readers asks about installing a new fence in their backyard. They are at the point of setting the posts and want to know how deep they should be and how much concrete to use when installing them.

                  When you are setting fence posts you only need to set the first one and any corner in concrete. The rest you can set in dirt but if you want to be nice when you …

                  How To Remove White Blush Marks From Furniture Finishes

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                    A friend of ours says that they used their living room table to do some ironing and after they were done they found the finish on the table was white. They ask how do they repair this and will it be easy?

                    This is a common problem with real wood or veneer wood tables with a lacquer finish. This can also happen with a polyurethane finish that is degraded. The problem that is seen is …

                    How To Learn to Can Fruit Vegetables and Food

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                      In this How To Guide we are going to cover the beginning steps of understanding Canning. The process is not extremely difficult but you need to be careful to follow the canning procedures and a specific recipe that has been tested for canning.

                      The first thing you are probably saying is I don’t want to follow someone else’s recipe but the thing is canning recipes are specifically designed so that when the food is processed …