How To Find Good Quality Cheap Mattress

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    A friend is asking about their options for a Mattress. They need something cheap but reasonable and it will only be needed for their last 2 years of college. This is something that a lot of families need to deal with. They need a nice mattress for limited use. Maybe its for a child that is growing or for a guess bedroom or vacation home. Whatever the reason behind its use the cost needs …

    How To Repair the Surface of a Concrete Wall to Repair Crumbling

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      One of our friends asks about a border fence that they have in their backyard made of concrete that they believe needs repair. The wall has been in place for some time and it seems that the previous home owner has painted it and an grown ivy against the wall so the current owner is wondering if they can complete a repair on their own to clean it up and stop …

      How To Water Company installed Larger Supply Line now my Water Heater Pressure Valve is Leaking

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        A friend of ours writes that the water company dug up their road and installed a new larger supply pipe in his street. They also installed a Check Valve to reduce Back Flow. Now his Water Heater Pressure Valve is leaking and he is wondering what he should do.

        The first thing to understand is when water is heated in your water heater it expands. This expansion can be dangerous and they can actually explode …

        How To Install a Multi Door Doorbell with Unique Chimes for each Door

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          If you own a home with a front door that is away from normal traffic and a side door that might be at your garage and used as a primary way for you and visitors to enter your home then you may want to install a doorbell that gives you the option to know which door someone is at.

          This type of doorbell is called a two tone or multi door chime and you can …

          How To Patching Plaster After Rewiring And Precautions While Other Work Is Completed

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            One of our friends asks about a remodeling job they are having done in the next few weeks. It seems that their older home still has what they call wire and knob electrical in their upstairs walls. Before they move into the home they would like to upgrade the electrical and also finish the floors. The floors will be done by a professional and so will the electrical but they expect to do the …

            How To Buy or Replace a Three Year Old Dishwasher?

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              One of our friends writes…

              We bought a nice $600 BLAHBLAH dishwasher about 3 years ago but the handle broke, we are looking to replace it and would like some advice on what brand to look at and what features to consider.

              Ok so the first thing to understand here is that a dishwasher should last about 10 years in your home. Actually all major appliances should last a good 10 years and their warranty normally …

              How To Car Tune Ups and Tips Before a Cross Country Road Trip

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                A lot of people will be taking vacations across the country or moving this summer and if you have never done it there are a few tips that you really need to understand before you get started.
                Don’t bring the world with you on a long trip
                The first thing is you want to make your trip as easy as possible so you don’t want to overload your vehicle with stuff. If you are on a …

                How To Evaluate Cable VS Streaming for Quality and Cost

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                  If you are considering dropping your cable tv subscription and moving to streaming as an alternative there are a number of things that you need to understand before you cut the cord.

                  Although cable justifiably gets a bad rap because it is overly expensive and the content on the 150 stations you might have in your package is normally duplicated and often shows that have been off the air for 10 years. To pay $100 …

                  How To Why are Large Antennas better than Small Amplified Antennas?

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                    If you are considering installing an antenna for OTA Broadcasts you will have a lot of choices when it comes to antennas. The first thing that you want to do is find out what type of signal you have in your area. A good site for this is because they will allow you to put in your GPS coordinates and the height of the antenna and get a pretty good reading on what …

                    How To Buy a Car New or Used which is Best?

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                      Honestly I don’t know why this is so much of a question today. There have been so many reports about buying new and used vehicles and how to get the best deal no matter what you are buying. However I guess there are a new crop of people that become first time car buyers that just don’t care enough to put the time in to research all of the issues. In that case …