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Understanding Perennials, Annuals and Biennials

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    When planning your garden you can choose from a variety of different plants, bushes and trees.

    There are 3 basic types to choose from

    Perennials – Plants that survive for many years.

    Bushes and trees are examples of Woody Perennials.
    These plants will last for many years. Some like evergreens Pines or Holly bushes will keep their leaf structure year long. Others that are deciduous like Oak Trees will drop their leafs …

    Rose Pruning

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      Proper pruning of plants is something that all gardeners should learn.

      For many plants like roses pruning is necessary to improve the growth and flowering of the plant.

      Prune your roses in late winter – early spring to promote the next seasons growth.

      Summer pruning should be done to remove diseased or damaged stems or for harvesting flowers.

      You should also deadhead the flower buds once they have died.

      Always make clean sharp cuts …

      Planting Peppers and Potted Plants

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        Planting Vegetables in your garden is really easy to do and will give you months of enjoyment and food. 

        All vegetables are started by seed but as a home gardener you can take advantage of potted plants to reduce your germination and grow time.  Plants are available in early spring right after the last frost. Most Home Stores and Garden Centers carry a good selection but you can also purchase …

        Sunrooms & Enclosures Manufacturers

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          Sunrooms & Enclosures

          Patio Enclosures Inc.
          720 E. Highland Rd.
          Macedonia, 44056-
          V: 800-468-0720

          Solar Innovations, Inc.
          234 East Rosebud Road
          Myerstown, PA 17067
          V: 800-618-0669

          Warmup, Inc
          52 Federal Road
          Unit #1F
          Danbury, CT 06810
          V: 203-791-0072

          How To – Reclaiming your Lawn from Weeds

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            lawn grassWhether it got that way by your own neglect or you are moving into a new home with a weed covered lawn there are some simple steps you can take make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

            First thing to do is get a Soil Sample test.
            Almost every decent garden center can take a quick look at a sample from your yard and tell you if your soil is …