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How To – Extending Gutter Downspouts Around Doorways

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    In this HowTo we will extend a downspout from our roof gutter under a concrete pad that is near the front doorway of our home.

    Managing rain runoff from your gutter system is important for many reasons. In the summer months when rainfall can be heavy you need to have the water diverted away from your pathways and entrences to your home for comfort and safety. In the winter months when water can …

    How To – Grow Cucumbers

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      Cucumbers are one of the easiest crops for a home gardener to grow. With enough space, sunlight, water and food cucumbers will grow fast during the summer providing a variety of different uses.

      From Pickling to slicing up for salads there are  a large variety of cucumbers that you can try in your garden. Although the selection may be wide the care of the plants is basically the same.

      Cucumbers are actually a …

      How To – Growing Cauliflower

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        Cauliflower is one of the most popular vegetables for home gardeners. Although many people attempt growing cauliflower from seed doing so will probably result in poor results for the beginner.

        Belonging to the cole family along with broccoli, brussels sprouts, collards, kale, kohlrabi and, of course, cabbage.

        Start your plants early in spring or late summer. They like the bright cooler days  60F – 80F to promote good growth and will resist some colder days in fall.

        Soil Quality
        Soil should …

        How To – Growing Beets

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          Beets are one of the easier nutritious plants to grow in your garden. Although most people stick to the beet root you can also eat the greens in salads or cook them like you would turnips.

          Starting them in early spring they like the bright cooler days of 60F – 70F to promote good growth.

          Soil Quality
          Your soil should be well tilled to allow easy growth of the root bulb. If you have clay soil you …

          How To – Soil Testing

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            Soil Testing is a great way to understand more about your lawn and garden. There are a variety of tests that can be performed by the home owner but a professional testing service can give you more accurate information about the chemical makeup of your soil. This is important for different types of plants vegetables and lawns.

            Most plants will grow in a range of 6.1 to 6.9 ph level this means the soil …

            Springtime Preventing Crabgrass and Weeds

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              Every year we say we are going to work on our Lawn and Garden but by the time the summer heat comes around curing things like weed infestation and just poor quality lawns gets to the point where nothing works.

              Since at the time we are writing this springtime is just around the corner or for some parts of the country it has already started we wanted to give you a few simple …

              Choosing the right Container for your Plants

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                There are many decorative options for plants today so making the right choice for your plants is getting tougher. We will look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of different materials and features found in commonly available planters.

                First lets look at the different materials that planters are manufactured from.

                Glass vases or pot shaped containers are best used for cut plants or hydroponic gardening.
                One of the great features of glass is that …

                Installing Decorative Brick and Stone Pavers

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                  Hardscaping is the term given to items in your yard that are not plant based and Brick Pavers are one of the easiest ways to improve your outdoor living space.

                  Many people will use them just for a pathway from their driveway to the front door or maybe as a path to their mailbox but you can also use pavers to create a patio or greeting area near your front door.

                  Brick Pavers come …

                  Directory of State Pesticide Information

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                    This information constantly changes as outside websites update their information.

                    If you have an emergency ALWAYS Call 911 or the appropriate Emergency Hot-line in your area.

                    Also Read the label on the Chemical and it should list Emergency Information about how to treat people that have come in contact with the product until trained emergency help can arrive. 


                    Department of Agriculture
                    Division of Plant Protection and Pesticides
                    PO BOX 3336
                    Montgomery, AL 36109-0336
                    (334) 240-7171



                    Alaska Department of Environmental …

                    Growing Plants from Seed

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                      There are a variety of Annual plants that are easy to grow from seeds.

                      The two biggest advantages from growing your annuals from seed are enjoying the full life cycle of the plant and saving money.

                      If you are new to gardening you may want to start with seed packets. Most plant types available in seed are hybridized plants and will grow quickly and produce great flowers and large fruits. Once you aquire the basic …