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HowTo – Choosing A Grass String Trimmer

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    Grass String Trimmers are useful for cleaning up the edges of your lawn and getting into areas that you can’t take your lawn mower. For most of us this is a one time purchase that should last you many years so how do you know what type is best for your home?

    Well first you should understand that every string trimmer uses a plastic / nylon type cord to cut the grass and weeds.  …

    HowTo – One Weekend Outdoor Garden Makeover

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      One of the things most of us don’t have is tons of extra time to worry about how our homes look. If we are lucky we find time to clean the inside and maybe wash the cars but the exterior of your home can have a lot to do with how much you enjoy living where you are.

      With this in mind lets look at how you can makeover your outside in just a couple …

      How To – Choices In Outdoor Furniture Styles And Materials

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        Spending time outside relaxing is something we all like to do and garden furniture can provide seating and eating areas along with shade from the sun and a place to get away at the end of a hard day.

        Some of the things that you have to look at when planing an outside furniture arrangement include:

        How much you want to spend
        How long do you expect the furniture to last
        What materials go best with your lifestyle
        Is …

        How To – Simple Ways To Save Money In The Garden

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          This year especially people will need to take a long look at how they tend to their yards and gardens.

          Remember saving money should never lead to neglect. If you let your yard go to weed because you don’t want to buy that $20 bag of weed and seed you will regret it for years to come. Also watering can be an added expense but if you see your shrubs beginning to wilt during a …

          How To – Should I use Beer To Kill Slugs?

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            garden lettuce

            Everyone has probably heard this tale about using a bowl of beer in your garden to attract pests like slugs.  What is the real truth about this and should you give it a try?

            Its probably not a great idea to use this method if you really value your plants.

            The truth is you are probably more likely to get your cat drunk then really cure your pest problem with bowls of beer throughout your …

            How To – Organizing Your Shed With Shelves And Tool Racks

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              So you bought a shed or built one to put all your stuff in but it seems that everything ends up in a pile in the corner and it is just as bad as when it was all in your garage. Well in an afternoon with a few tools you can put your storage in order and finally stop tripping over the lawn mower every time you need …

              How To – Pruning and Trimming Bushes

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                What might seem counter productive at first, trimming and pruning your plants will help them grow and improve their overall health. Other benifits include managing the size of the plant and shaping it from a wild version into a decrative part of your landscape.

                Most of the skills we will cover can be applied to all plant types but some individual plants will need special care.

                Pruning Dead Spots
                This is …

                How To – Winterizing Your Gasoline Power Tools

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                  Its no secret that your Gas Powered tools are probably the most expensive tools you own so taking care of them will protect your investment for many years.

                  You should read the directions for each tool and follow any different recommendations that the manufacture suggests but for the most part there are a few simple steps you can take to store you tools over winter.

                  First you should empty any …

                  How To – Repairing A Broken Patio Umbrella

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                    Patio furniture can cost a little or as much as indoor furniture so when your umbrella breaks it kind of makes sitting outside on that expensive furniture in the hot sun uncomfortable.  Unfortunately most of us will go through this experience but replacing an umbrella because 25 cents of cord broke really isn’t cost minded.
                    You will need a few common tools to complete this job and a special …

                    How To – Protecting Your Driveway With Asphalt Sealer

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                      Asphalt Driveways are made to shrink and expand with weather conditions and this is one of the good things but as they do they can start to weaken and deteriorate from sunlight and from water and ice in the winter.

                      There are a number of products to protect your driveway and the most common is asphalt sealer but for larger cracks there are repair products and fillers.

                      The basic idea …