How To – Preparing Your Tools For Winter

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    Well summer is over and although there are still a few more weeks of warm weather its not a bad idea to take inventory and prepare for winter now.

    Having tools that you can depend on in temperatures below freezing is important. Not only will it make life easier if you take inventory now but in the next few weeks you are bound to find sales on items that you may need to purchase.

    How To – Protecting Your Driveway With Asphalt Sealer

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      Asphalt Driveways are made to shrink and expand with weather conditions and this is one of the good things but as they do they can start to weaken and deteriorate from sunlight and from water and ice in the winter.

      There are a number of products to protect your driveway and the most common is asphalt sealer but for larger cracks there are repair products and fillers.

      The basic idea …