How To – Cleaning And Restoring Decorative Brass Items

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    From Fireplace pokers to brass door knobs and cabinet pulls every home is bound to have at least a few brass items that need to be taken care of.

    Although Brass is a relatively soft metal when compared to steel it is durable and not prone to rusting.

    It is also fairly decent in the way of maintainability requiring limited polishing to remove oxidation but nothing can limit the amount of surface buildup when items are …

    How To – Cleaning Refrigerator Coils

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      Once a year or more depending on the dust that builds up in your kitchen you should clean the evaporator coils on your refrigerator.

      Evaporator coils are part of your cooling system. When your refrigerator freon compressor squeezes the coolant to send it into your refrigerator compartment for cooling the coils let off the heat.

      The more dust that builds up on the coils the harder it is for your refrigerator to work.

      The job is relatively easy to do an only takes a few minutes to perform.

      How To – Cleaning Your Sink Faucet Aerator

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        Sink faucet aerators will from time to time need cleaning due to buildup of debris and mineral deposits.

        The lucky thing is they are easy to remove and if for some reason you can’t restore your water flow to original condition then they are relatively cheap to replace.

        Aerators come in a common design whether you have a fancy kitchen sink aerator

        How To – Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

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          Fruit Flies are one pest that you don’t want in your kitchen.  Although they won’t cause you direct harm like a bee sting the tiny pests breed quickly and can destroy your fresh fruit.

          Fruit flies come in many different varieties and for farmers it is a special concern.  Although they known for attacking bananas and grapes they will lay their eggs in more then 400 different types of plants.

          One female Mexican fruit fly can …

          How To – Patching Small Holes And Chips In Terracotta Tile

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            Although the best way to repair holes in tile is to replace the tile with one that was saved from the original batch doing so is often not possible.

            In this case you have two options you can either replace the tile with a similar one that you find elsewhere or you can patch the tile. In this HowTo we will cover the proper way to make a patch with mortar to an existing damaged …

            How To – Polishing And Restoring Marble Countertops And Floors

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              Marble is as hard as stone but the finish we all enjoy on our Countertops and Floors can be damaged over time.

              Restoring the bright shiny look requires the same prep and polish steps performed by the technicians that made your custom marble pieces and the good thing is you can do it yourself with only a few simple tools.

              If you have deep gouges, chips or other damage you may be able to obtain some …

              Buying Guide – Sink Addons – Purchasing Hot & Cold Water Dispensers

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                There are a number of products that you can add to your sink-top to provide better livability.

                Here we will examine the different types of hot and cold water dispensers that can make your life easier.

                Lets look at some of the features you should look for when making your purchase.
                Hot Water Dispensers
                The most common addon for your sink is a hot water dispenser.

                Mounted alongside your sink they can …

                Buying Guide – Outdoor Grills And BBQ’s What To Look For

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                  There are a variety of different features that you can find in outdoor cooking devices. Everything from the portable grill / hibachi that you can bring to the game or on a camping trip to full outdoor kitchens with gas grills, deep fryers and cooktops to prepare any item you can think of.

                  The possibilities are really limitless but whether you invest $50 or $5,000 your meals are the most important thing.

                  Lets look at some …

                  Buying Guide – Choosing The Perfect Cooktop

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                    There are many options when picking the right cooktop for your home.

                    You will need to decide on which fuel source you want to use or what limits you have based on your home’s services.

                    You will also need to take initial cost vs ease of use and maintenance into account. If you are someone that does not cook a lot then you want to make sure making some stirfry doesn’t leave you with 2 hours …

                    How To – Kitchen Cabinet Makeover On The Cheap

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                      For most of us after about 10 years even with proper maintenance our kitchen cabinets will need refinishing, repair or replacement. Years of abuse from kids and animals and just general use will lead to breakdown of finishes and hardware line  hinges and knobs.

                      If you have been very gentle with your cabinetry you may only need to prep them with steel wool or a light sanding and then spot stain and polyurethane to restore …