HowTo Foundation And Slab Floor Insulation

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    Since about 1995 there has been a strong movement to increase insulation in all areas of our homes to reduce heat loss and lower energy costs. For most of us this has meant increasing the amount of insulation in our attics and adding insulation to exterior walls if the home is old enough that it was not built with insulated walls.

    New construction has seen a variety of different products and methods that …

    Insulation & Housewrap Manufacturers

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      Insulation & Housewraps

      Applegate Insulation Mfg
      1000 Highview Dr
      Webberville, MI 48892-9270
      V: 517-521-3545

      Dow Building Solutions
      200 Larkin Ctr.
      1605 Joseph Drive
      Midland, MI 48674
      V: 519-339-5028

      Fi-Foil Company, Inc.
      PO Box 800
      612 Bridgers Ave West
      Auburndale, FL 33823
      V: 863-965-1846

      100 Enterprise Dr
      Cartersville, GA 30120
      V: 770-607-0719

      Fomo Products, Inc.
      2775 Barber Rd.
      Norton, OH 44203-1001
      V: 330-753-4585

      Homasote Company
      932 Lower Ferry Rd.
      West Trenton, NJ 08628-3298
      V: 609-883-3300

      Icynene Inc
      6747 Campobello Road
      Mississauga, ON L5N 2L7
      V: (800) 758-7325

      RHH Foam Systems Inc.
      17100 West Victor Road
      New Berlin, WI 53151-4139
      V: 262-754-8088