Health & Safety

Directory of State Pesticide Information

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    This information constantly changes as outside websites update their information.

    If you have an emergency ALWAYS Call 911 or the appropriate Emergency Hot-line in your area.

    Also Read the label on the Chemical and it should list Emergency Information about how to treat people that have come in contact with the product until trained emergency help can arrive. 


    Department of Agriculture
    Division of Plant Protection and Pesticides
    PO BOX 3336
    Montgomery, AL 36109-0336
    (334) 240-7171


    Alaska Department of Environmental …

    Disinfecting Refrigerators and Countertops

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      Regular cleaning of your counter tops, cutting boards and refrigerator is necessary to reduce dangerous bacteria buildup in your kitchen. Bacteria can often be unseen and odorless so just because the surface looks visibly clean of dirt does not mean it is safe.

      To disinfect kitchen surfaces we need to use a bleach solution.

      Prepare the solution by adding 1 cup of household bleach to a gallon of water and then …

      Flooring and Asbestos what to look for

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        Many older floor materials contained asbestos as a strengthener. It was used in a similar way that glass fibers are used in Fiberglass but unfortunately we have later found that asbestos can cause serious health problems.

        For remodelers there seems to be no field test that we can use to findout if the tile we are removing has Asbestos in it so regulations usualy assume that all flooring that could contain it should be handled in a way as asbestos made products.

        Friable …

        Holiday Home Safety

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          The Holidays are suppose to be a time to remember family and friends and celebrate your religious beliefs here are a few reminders to get you through it safely.

          Fire Safety

          Smoke Alarms and Fire Extinguishers are probably the last thing on peoples minds around the holidays but this is the most likely time that you will need them. With all of the extra lighting and electrical devices we install and all of cooking that we do chances are higher during this time …

          Lead Paint Hazards Renovation Guidelines

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            The use of lead paint in homes and buildings built prior to 1978 is common enough that guidelines have been set by the EPA on how a home remodeler should approach projects and how they should inform their customers before starting a job.

            This requirement is not only on contractors that tare down walls or sand exterior siding the problem occurs in every variety of work so the guides apply to all contractors.

            To learn more about the exact EPA Guides you …

            Mold and Moisture Control Products

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              Mold and Moisture Control

              Basement Systems Inc
              60 Silvermine Road
              Seymour, 06483-3907
              V: 800-638-7048

              349 Highland rd
              macedonia, OH 44056
              V: 1-866-822-7328

              ZipWall LLC
              37 Broadway #2
              Arlington, MA 02474-5552
              V: 781-648-8808
              plastic work enclosure to keep dust paint out of the rest of the house

              Respirators and Dust Masks – Know the Difference

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                How often do you see someone wearing a pair of gloves to protect their hands or steel toe boots to protect their feet but when it comes to working in dusty or toxic conditions they seem to think its ok to not wear lung protection.

                As someone that use to paint Cars and Airplanes for a living I can’t tell you how many shops I have worked in or visited where employees think its not …