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Safety – Tips For A Great Safe 4th Of July Holliday Party

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    Every Fourth Of July we hear Horror stories about people getting injured. The fact is the people that got hurt were probably thinking the same thing you were that … its someone else and it would never happen to them.

    It is difficult to say which holiday comes with the most tragedy New Years has its share of drinking and the icy roads don’t make for good driving whether you are the designated driver or …

    How To – Is Your Home In A Radon Zone?

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      Every home in the USA has a potential to have Radon Gas problems but where you choose to live can mean you have a higher potential for this dangerous gas.

      No matter where you build you should always have a Radon Test performed before you finalize your purchase.

      Once you have realized you are at risk you should take necessary steps to reduce any exposure.

      If you are building a new home then there are methods to vent gasses from below your foundation …

      HowTo – HVAC Filters For People With Allergies

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        Forced air HVAC systems are inherently dirty when compared with baseboard heaters because air is circulated throughout the home. Additionally any allergens or viruses will be spread from room to room.

        So what can you do to reduce the health concerns?

        With the proper use of filters you should be able to reduce the particulate matter that can cause normal irritation and with a UV Light filter you should be able to kill bacteria and viruses …

        How To – Outdoor Holiday Lighting

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          As the Holiday season approaches quickly most of us will want to decorate our homes with outdoor lighting. This HowTo will cover some of your options and some safety tips that will keep your holiday happy.

          First and most important is that you always look for an outdoor UL rating on any outside light that you install. This is true for holiday lights or basic landscape lights. Testing by …

          How To – Indoor And Outdoor Electrical Timers

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            There are a variety of reasons to use electrical timers around your home. Many timers are very easy to use and can control indoor appliances such as lighting or a water heater to save money. Outside you can use timers to control your sprinklers and other devices for convenience.

            Indoor timers come in two basic types they are either hard wired to your homes electrical wires for use on larger items like a water heater …

            How To – Child Safety Locks

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              There are things that kids shouldn’t get into but once they can walk its almost impossible to keep them out of anything. For this reason you really need to plan and organize your home anytime you introduce a danger.

              This means you should examine where you store your pesticides, tools, cleaning products, medicines but because so many products can be a danger you really need to examine everything in …

              Anti Scalding Faucets And Shower Heads

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                Most accidents happen in the home and when we can it is important to remember safety. Many Faucets and Showers now have valves that will sense the temperature of the water flowing through the valve and make adjustments to limit the upper heat range.

                These devices are should be thought of as manditory for childrens bathrooms but even mom and dad don’t want to step into a shower so …

                Storm Emergency Preparedness

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                  No one can really predict the problems that come with storms but if you live in an area that has seen storm emergencies before you can probably count on them happening again.

                  Some simple inexpensive steps can be taken to reduce an emergency to a mild discomfort to your day to day life and with a little planing you can probably get through a few days or even a couple weeks without having to …

                  What Are Flood Zones and X Heights

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                    Flood Zones
                    Flooding is one of the most dangerous situations for most people. Most people think that flooding can only occur around large rivers or at the ocean but there are many factors that can cause flash floods in areas that normally are dry during heavy rains.

                    For this reason the federal government has performed studies of flood prone areas and assigned them X Zone Information. This data can be used by a number of people including your …

                    HowTo Deal with Mold in your Home

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                      Mold is one of the more common problems in homes today but actually people are routinely exposed to more than 200 species of fungi every day.

                      The terms “mold” and “mildew” are nontechnical names commonly used to refer to any fungus that is growing in our home. Mold colonies may appear cottony, velvety, granular, or leathery, and may be white, gray, black, brown, yellow, greenish, or other colors.

                      Many molds or fungi reproduce by dispersion of …