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Protecting Children from Pesticides

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    According to the EPA every year approximately 75,000 children in the USA are poisoned by house hold pesticides. Most of the poisonings are due to improper storage of chemicals.

    A study showed almost 50% of homes with children had poisons stored in an unlocked area below 4 feet high. In homes without children pesticides were found unlocked and below the 4 foot safety level 75% of the time.

    Even if you do not have children it is important to store your chemicals safely …

    How To – Tips On Working Clean Working Smart In Your Shop

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      The old adage is true … walk into any shop and look for the guy for the most stuff all over him and you know you found the new guy.

      The fact is this is not only true for your local body shop but for any business.  You can go into any business and pickout the new guy by seeing who is running around but getting only the same amount of work done or less.

      Working …

      How To – GFCI Electrical Outlets

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        In locations where water might cause a problem like in your bathroom or kitchen it is important to use a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt) Outlet or have GFCI protection in your Circuit Breaker Box.

        Electrical Codes should mandate their use in new construction but if you are living in or buying an older home you can do the upgrade or hire someone to do it for not a lot of …

        How To – Understanding Drinking Water Contaminants

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 water you drink every day could be contaminated with unhealthy chemicals, minerals, bacteria and other contaminants but how do these pollutants enter the drinking water and what can you do to identify them.

          The water we drink comes from rainfall this is true if it originates from snow on mountains filling  streams that turn into rivers filling lakes and underground aquifers or if you collect it directly from your roof in a cistern system.

          The path from …

          How To – Manage Your Property In Fire Zone Areas To Reduce Danger

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   matter where you live fires that start outside of your home can effect your home. If you live in the country you could have a brush or field fire. If you live near a park or wooded area a forest fire could cause you problems. If you live in the city homes around yours could catch on fire and spread to your home.

            There are a number of locations around the country that see …

            How To – Home & Business Security Camera Systems

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              There are a number of reasons to install a home security camera system and probably the biggest reason is to actually catch whoever is causing you problems.

              While standard security systems are important they will only deter and report problems. Many will call you, the police or fire department as necessary but what if you want to see what is happening live or have it recorded for later.

              Actually theft is not the only reason to …

              How To – Asbestos Removal Techniques

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                The use of asbestos in homes and business properties was limited and controlled after 1972 but many older buildings still contain asbestos insulation. If you happen to find any asbestos in your home then you should contact a qualified contractor to remove it.

                Removing asbestos by yourself is a risky proposition. Not only do you risk inhaling particles during the process but you also risk contaminating your whole home. Asbestos particles are extremely small, measured …

                How To – Removing Moss From Outdoor Surfaces Roofs, Walls, Walkways

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                  The type of moss found around your home will most likely be different then that found in other areas of the country but they all have similar properties.

                  Moss is a small plant that grows without without flowers or seed. They are found in moist shady areas and there are approximately 12,000 species of moss. Moss grows in clumps and mats. It can be found growing on the ground on vertical surfaces and it can …

                  Buying Guide – Air Purifiers Options And Types

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                    In this Guide we will look at how different models of Air Purifiers work and what you should  look for when making your purchase.

                    Before you invest in an expensive Air Purification system whether it is a whole home or single room device it should be noted that when possible the most effective way of getting clean air into your living space is by opening a window or by use of an air exchanger on …