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How To – Low Voltage Exterior Lighting Options For The Holidays

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    The Fall season means you will be preparing for a number of coming holidays. With the holidays come visitors and you may want to decorate the exterior of your home to make it more inviting or you may just want to provide some extra light outside of your home so guests that arrive after dark won’t be tripping on the way to your door.

    The benefit of low voltage lighting is that you normally can …

    How To – Dried Beans As A Long Term Storage Food Source

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      Long Term Food Storage is important for many reasons including emergency food sources and even for saving money but how long can dried beans really be saved?

      Adzuki, Black, Black-eyed, Black Turtle, Garbanzo, Great Northern, Kidney, Lentils, Lima, Mung, Navy, Pink, Pinto, Small Red, Soy, and Split-pea can all be dried and stored.

      A recent study has shown that Dried Beans can be stored for 30 years. This was the length of the study and it …

      How To – Working Safe Around Buried Gas Lines

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        Every year there are thousands of accidents due to improper digging around utilities in our yards that go unreported. For the most part when there is a mistake which causes puncture on a residential line or one in the street no one gets hurt but in some cases tragedy happens.

        For this reason it is always important to understand where your utility lines are located and the methods for avoiding them.

        Where are primary gas pipelines …

        How To – Idea To Protect Homes From Floods With Plastic Wrap

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          So, If you have been watching the flooding in Tennessee and along the Mississippi for the past couple weeks you probably thought to yourself that there should be a way that homes can be protected.

          In some cases areas that won’t naturally see flood waters are being flooded on purpose to protect people downstream.. I think that’s pretty unjust unless the people or states downstream are willing to foot the bill to cover 100% of …

          How To – Tips For Returning Home After A Flood

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            Unfortunately a lot of people are being effected by floods caused by the Mississippi and other rivers. Many of these floods start at the time winter snow begins to melt and continue as the spring rains come.

            Whether you are in one of the current effected areas or know someone that is there are many things that you must do to protect yourself once the local authorities say it is generally safe to return to …

            The Future Is Distant For Japans Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Residents

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              While work continues to gain control over Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants scientists are discovering that even with the best laid plans the future for residents is in the distant future.

              The plan as it is unfolding is to encase the entire plant in concrete for over 50 years to allow the radioactive material within the reactors to decay to safer levels before dismantlement of the core and containment buildings can begin. At that point …

              Trace Amounts Of Japan Radiation Found In USA Drinking Water – April 5 2011

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                Some of the first radiation level test results have been released by EPA and although the reports show that there is not a large amount of radiation being deposited in the USA from the Japan Nuclear Crisis it is important that we all keep informed.

                Any increased radiation can cause immediate health problems and increased radiation that is ingested can be harmful in the long term for both children and adults.

                Scientists and doctors will often …

                How To – How Often Should You Clean Your Fireplace

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                  Cleaning your fireplace is not the funnest job around your home but it is something that you need to do once a year or even more often if you rely on your fireplace as your main source of heat.

                  There are three places that you need to watch for ash and creosote buildup. Your fireplace box will be the primary place that ash will buildup and you should make sure that you clean the box …

                  How To – Biometric Safes For Security & Easy Access

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                    Biometrics in security has been around for more then 15 years but most of our homes still do not rely on this technology for storage of personal items and weapons.

                    Every good gun owner should have their weapons secured at all times but this also means delays of access in emergency situations.  With advances in technology and reductions in cost this easy and secure method of storing your items is now in reach.

                    Although storing large …

                    How To – Building A Basement Workout Room

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                      One of the best things about owning your own home is that you don’t need to go out to the Gym and spend extra money to get in shape.  That 20 minutes you spend on the road can be spent exercising and if you do that every day you will definitely be in shape in just a few months.

                      The fact is you don’t even need a lot of expensive machines to get in shape …