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How To – Dealing with a Burst Plumbing Pipe Emergency

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    Burst pipes can happen at anytime of the year but more often then not they happen in the winter if your pipes are in an unheated or uninsulated area of your home.

    In this howto we will cover what you should do in such an emergency and then how you can make a quick repair if possible.

    The most important thing to remember is to keep your cool. If you start freaking out when a pipe …

    2.2 Million in Central USA Plan for Feb 7, 2012 The Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill

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      On February 7, 2012, at 10:15 a.m.* CST, more than 2.2 million people across nine states will participate in the 2012
      Great Central U.S. ShakeOut!

      The ShakeOut is an opportunity to practice how to protect yourself during earthquakes, and to get prepared. along with your family, community, co-workers, state, and and region.

      We all must get better prepared before the next big earthquake, and practice how to protect ourselves when it happens. The purpose of the ShakeOut is to help people and organizations …

      How To – Home Security Systems for Apartment Renters

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        Wireless alarm system for ApartmentsThere are many reasons that people choose renting over owning their own home. Often it is for convenience or it could be for temporary housing when moving to a new location or it could just be the cost. Whatever the reason it does not mean that you have to do without a dependable security system that you can purchase and control yourself.

        The problem with home security systems is that they …

        How To – Baby Proofing Your Home

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          If you are an expectant parent or if you have children in your home it is important to take precautions to make your surroundings safer for kids. This is also important if you often care for a relatives or neighbors children on a regular basis.

          Probably one of the most important things to do when protecting your kids from your house is to ask other parents or try to remember your own childhood if you …

          How To – Wood Burning Fireplace Guide

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            Many older homes and even some new homes have wood burning fireplaces.  For most of the year they are not much more then decoration but for those few months in the winter they can add warmth and pleasure to your home.

            One of the biggest concerns about fireplaces is that you are actually making a conscious decision to light a fire inside your home. Yes this is a little crazy …

            How To – Proper Disposal Of Medicines In Your Home

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              Every year we hear clean water reports that say large cities like NYC have levels of pharmaceuticals in their drinking water that can be a concern for the people that live in that area.

              You will hear reports of water that has passed through the treatment plants to be recycled and put back into our drinking water system with levels of Heart Medication, Cancer Blockers, Opiates and Hormonal Treatments that can be measured. This should …

              How To – Preventing Mold And Insulation of Heating Ducts in Crawl Spaces

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                One of our visitors from the Seattle Washington area asks about a problem with condensation on his duct work leaving some mold growth due to moisture in his crawl space.

                The problem they are having is that their home has a partial basement and a dirt crawl space under part of the home. The area that is concrete is not having a problem but the area that has open dirt is.

                Seattle is a pretty interesting …

                How To – Choosing Fuel Type For An Emergency Backup Generator

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                  All Products : DuroPower DP5000EC 5000W Portable Gasoline Generator w/ Electric StartWhether you are planing for a winter ice storm or summer hurricane there are a number of considerations that you need to take into account when planing your backup electric power supply.

                  The first thing you will need to do is size the generator necessary to provide electric for your primary services. You will want to decide which items in your home are a necessity …

                  How To – Long Term Storage Of Food Pantry Essentials

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                    Keeping a stockpile of food items is essential for many reasons including storms and natural disasters or just to limit your need to travel in adverse conditions such as heavy snows of winter.

                    Most food products are packaged to allow six to eighteen months of storage in normal conditions. However once you open and begin using a product its shelf life is normally only a few weeks. This is true for open products that we leave …

                    How To – Safe Driving Tips For Deer Season

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                      Every Fall the number of accidents caused by collisions with deer populations has risen. For the past 5 years West Virginia has been the hardest hit but other states with similar agriculture and high deer populations see very similar numbers.

                      Since deers have a high center of gravity… meaning very thin legs and heavy bodies when the average passenger car comes into contact the deer will slide over the vehicle’s hood and directly into the windshield. Additionally …