How To – Shopping Tips when buying a New Garage Door

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    Its not every day that you shop for new doors for your home and your garage door is probably last on your list for replacement but either through age and wear or through damage there are times when you will need to replace your garage door.

    Getting the best deal on a new garage door means you need to understand what your options are and how you will get to the overall price. Although Garage Doors …

    How To – Troubleshooting Lawnmower Starting and Performance Problems

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      Small Engines found in Lawnmowers normally work well for many years. If you have a problem with your lawnmower starting or operating to the best of its ability it is normally a small adjustment that needs to be made rather then a replacement.

      One of the main ways that you can tell if your engine is still worth saving is if it smokes a lot of gray smoke through its exhaust. Gray smoke normally points to a problem with the piston …

      How To – Sharpen Lawn Mower Blade

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        The easiest way to tell if your lawn mower blade needs sharpening is to look at the ends of the blades of grass on your lawn. If the edges seem torn and jagged and they show white or brown tips then you know the blade needs sharpening.

        Sharpening your lawnmower blade isn’t that difficult to do but you can also take your blade off and get it sharpened at a repair center or bring your …

        How To – Replacing The Drive Belt On Your Push Assist Lawnmower

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          If your lawn is too small to justify a riding lawn mower but too large to use a manual push mower then your best option is a Push Assist Lawnmower that will help you get around your yard without the need to push a heavy mower.

          When they work right a Push Assist Lawnmower will carry all the weight of the mower and a full bag of clippings or leaves. All you need to do …

          How To – Driveway Sealing Do it Yourself or Hire a Pro What are the Costs

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            Lets face it for jobs that you have to do around your home sealing your driveway comes in just after cleaning out a clogged toilet in the level of nastyness.  Even if you wear old clothes and try to protect yourself you are going to have little specs of latex or oil based material all over yourself by the time you are done and the job is not that easy if you are doing …

            How To – Removing Rust from Tools and Keeping them Rust Free

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              Every mechanic and tradesman has had to deal with rust on their tools. Often it happens from leaving them out at night or not cleaning them before you put them away.

              Depending on the tool you might actually ruin it past repair if it gets rusty. If you leave any precision tool like a torque wrench or micrometer out without cleaning it or place it in a tool box that has moisture in it you …

              How To – Safety Shoes for Home and Work

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                Whether you are a professional contractor or just trying to be one on the weekend it is important to take care of yourself while working on your projects.

                There are a variety of different safety clothing choices including Eye Protection that must ALWAYS be worn, Welding Aprons and Paint Suits that are good for painting and cleanup of some seriously messy things.. but today we are going to take a quick look at what types …

                How To – Replacing Snow Blower Shear Pin Blade Shaft Bolts

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                  Search : Poulan Pro PP40003 6-Pack Of Snow Thrower Sheer Pins & BoltsMany snow blowers have shear pins that break off when you hit something hard to protect the motor and drive mechanism from serious damage.

                  It can happen when you hit a chunk of ice that was kicked into snow at the end of your driveway by a snow plow or if you happen to hit something harder like the edge of the curb, a …

                  How To – Spring Lawn Mower Tuneup

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                    Well it is spring again and for many of us the law cutting season has already begun. Although your lawn mower won’t see as many miles as your car it is important to tune it up and the best time to do that is in Spring.

                    Just like your car there are similar areas that you need to service.

                    The first thing you want to do is inspect the outside of the lawn mower for physical …

                    How To – Planning Your Perfect Yard Sale Things You Need To Know

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                      Throwing a yard sale is not much more then emptying your home on to the driveway and throwing a BBQ while shoppers buy your stuff … unfortunately there is a little more to it then that if you want to get the most out of your stuff and keep in the good graces of your local officials.

                      Yes unfortunately due to a handful of new laws and possible home association rules the easy old …