How To – What Types of Tile are Best for Bathroom Remodels?

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    If you are considering remodeling your bathroom you have many different types of surfaces to select from and choose. As a matter of fact even though your bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in your home it will be one of the most complex rooms to design for and remodel.

    You will have many different materials that you can choose to use to provide a look and feel and function that you will be …

    How To – Choosing the right Tile Product

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      There are many different types of tile products and within each group there are different levels of quality.

      In this HowTo we will cover the wide range of tile and tile like products from high fired porcelain decorative tile to 4’x8′ sheet tile board.

      The first thing you have to do is define where the tile will be installed. Products that are made for walls are not usually durable enough for walking on or to be used on countertops and other high …

      How To – Replacing Broken Ceramic Tile

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        Whether its on your wall or floor there are times when you will need to replace a broken tile that has been chipped or cracked.

        Chips in the glaze come from direct impacts but cracks in tile can happen from both impacts and a flexing subfloor. This is why you often see the tiles in front of refrigerators cracked from rolling out the fully loaded appliance to clean behind it. The weight of the refrigerator …

        Tool Guide – Hand And Powered Tile Cutters

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          Whether you are installing a back splash surround or a new tile floor in your kitchen one of the most important jobs is cutting tiles to fit within the area you are working on.

          There are basically four grades of Tile Cutters. Hand Tools that can cut full tiles in half or on angles, Electric wet and dry diamond saws that can cut straight lines and in slightly intricate shapes, Gasoline or large tile saws that also can be used for …

          Removing Floor Tiles and Sheet Goods

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            Because Asbestos products can be a danger any removal of flooring products should only be performed if you are sure that the tiles or sheet goods contain no asbestos fibers.

            In this HowTo it is assumed that the floor you are removing was installed after 1980 when asbestos was banned in flooring or you have taken all the precautions to have your flooring materials analyzed by a licensed professional.

            Preparing the Work Area

            To prepare the work area, remove all movable objects from …

            HowTo – Concrete Backer Board & Drywall For Bathroom Remodeling

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              Search : Modern Bathroom Vanity Sink Basin Cabinet Set 3138Depending on the age of your home and the extent of your bathroom remodeling project you may or may not have to remove the drywall or plaster lath that make up the surfaces for your walls.

              If your home was built before 1960 and you will be doing more then just replacing a vanity and toilet then you should probably consider a total remake of …

              How To – Layout And Estimating Wall Tiles Needed For Your Remodel

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                Search : Glass Mosaic Tile burgundy wine red for backsplash bar pool spa bathroom kitchen 1 sheet GS8015When remodeling your Bathroom or Kitchen it is likely that you will want to replace or add wall tile. Ordering the correct type and number is important because supply centers that do not keep stock on hand at all times may run out or your selection could be discontinued.
                Tile Firing Lots
                In addition to availability there is the consideration …

                Buying Guide – Cast Stone

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                  Cast Stone was first developed about 800 years ago but it did not get widespread use in residences until the 1920’s.

                  The main benefits of cast stone is the ability to provide a natural stone feel with intricate details as found on fireplace mantles while keeping the cost down.

                  Castings can be made for everything from decorative lamps, Countertops, and Architectural Details used both inside and outside but the pieces themselves can not be made as …

                  How To – Patching Small Holes And Chips In Terracotta Tile

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                    Although the best way to repair holes in tile is to replace the tile with one that was saved from the original batch doing so is often not possible.

                    In this case you have two options you can either replace the tile with a similar one that you find elsewhere or you can patch the tile. In this HowTo we will cover the proper way to make a patch with mortar to an existing damaged …

                    How To – Polishing And Restoring Marble Countertops And Floors

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                      Marble is as hard as stone but the finish we all enjoy on our Countertops and Floors can be damaged over time.

                      Restoring the bright shiny look requires the same prep and polish steps performed by the technicians that made your custom marble pieces and the good thing is you can do it yourself with only a few simple tools.

                      If you have deep gouges, chips or other damage you may be able to obtain some …