Armstrong Design A Room – Online Flooring Design Software

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    Armstrong’s online tool called Design A Room can help you visualize the different types of flooring in a variety of settings.

    The products that you can look at include:

    Ceramic Tile, Hardwood, Laminate, Vinyl Tile

    The software written in Flash presents you with a number of different rooms in your home and then provides variations on the type of style to get reasonably close to your current or future design style.

    After selecting the Room and Design …

    How To – Bamboo Flooring A Green Alternative

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      Bamboo flooring has made its way into design centers and is quickly being seen as a lower cost and green alternative to traditional hardwood floors.

      Because bamboo grows very quickly smaller amounts of land can be used to harvest larger amounts of material. Bamboo can grow to harvest size in just 5 years while traditional hardwoods like Oak might take 50 to 100 years or more.

      There are a variety of treatments including carbonizing and  staining …

      How To – Installing Carpet And Understanding Products

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        Carpet is a large investment for any home owner and the product you pick will have a lot to say about what  decisions you can make for other furnishings in your home.

        Other then the choice of wall paint or coverings the type and color of your carpet will will have the biggest influence on how your home looks from the inside. Other factors such as the ability of the carpet to absorb noise will give …

        Flooring and Asbestos what to look for

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          Many older floor materials contained asbestos as a strengthener. It was used in a similar way that glass fibers are used in Fiberglass but unfortunately we have later found that asbestos can cause serious health problems.

          For remodelers there seems to be no field test that we can use to findout if the tile we are removing has Asbestos in it so regulations usualy assume that all flooring that could contain it should be handled in a way as asbestos made products.

          Friable …

          Removing Tile Adheasive from Wood Floors

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            Too often people will try to cover up or quick fix a wood floor problem by sticking asphalt or adhesives backed tiles down.  When the house is sold the headache of removing the cheap tile job and repairing the wood floor is handed to the new owner.

            To restore the floors finish you first have to remove the tiles. There is no easy way to do this other then a mixture of different scrapers and puddy knives.  While removing the tile …

            Book – Stanley Complete Projects Made Easy

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              Book Description:
              Detailed photos and easy-to-follow presentation for tiling floors, walls, countertops, and showers guide novices and experts.

              Two-tiered design offers instruction for common tiling situations plus additional information for unusual circumstances.

              Comprehensive guide covers basic and advanced tile techniques to plan patterns, measure and cut tiles, seal finished surfaces, and repair broken tile.

              Prestart Checklists detail the tools, materials, skills, and time needed to complete each job.

              Stanley Pro Tips offer …

              Carpet Care

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                Good Carpet can be one of the larger investments in your home with proper care it can last you 10 years or more however it only takes a couple accidents to ruin it past repair.

                The first thing you need to realize is that no matter what the warranty or special protection all carpet can and will get stained. Small amounts of dirt, grass and asphalt tar will remain on …

                How To – Preparing for New Carpet

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                  Installing new carpet in your home is often a task that is left to professionals but sometimes you can improve the experience and lower your cost by taking some easy steps.

                  First you should measure your room and make a floor layout of where you want the carpet. Most companies will charge you a $50 or more measure fee even if they do offer free estimates.  Make sure that any measure or estimate fee is …

                  Preparing Concrete Floors for Tile or Wood Floors

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                    Concrete GrinderWhen installing Ceramic Tile or wood floors you always want your substraight to be level and without bumps.
                    Although Mortar and Mastic will provide you with a little bit of leeway it is best to remove any high spots with a hand or electric grinder.
                    The choices you have in tools include a hand grinder like we will be using or electric models either a hand held disk grinder or a …

                    How To – Installing Bathroom Vanity Tile – Side Splash

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                      When you install a sink or vanity against your wall there is a possibility of water damage and also damage from using cleaning products. To help reduce wear and drywall problems you can install a back / side splash material made of tile, stone, or even matching countertop material.

                      In this how-to we will install some matching tile along the left side wall.

                      First measure the area that needs to be filled.

                      Our project will take 5 tiles but since …