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How To Connect Your Roof Antenna to your Cable TV Wires and Keep Internet

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    A lot of people are Cutting The Cord and moving away from Cable and Dish Television subscriptions and installing their own antenna however doing this can be complicated if you also get your internet service from your Cable Company.

    The first thing you should understand is unless you are special and you’re probably not.. the wires in your home are yours to do with as you want. If something goes wrong with your internal wiring …

    How To Rewire A Remodeled House For Internet And Antenna or Dish

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      A friend is about to move into a fixer home and it will require a complete rip-out of most of the walls, plumbing and electrical so they are at that point where they are considering what they should do to bring the home up to current standards for entertainment and internet access.

      At this point the home will basically be in the same state as a new home. Everything will be accessible and this will …

      How To Pick The Right LED Light Bulbs For Your Home

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        There are many reasons that you might want to upgrade your home’s lighting and with the variety of different options we wanted to take a look at the different types of LED Light Bulbs that are now starting to come down in price.

        The cost of incandescent bulbs had been attractive for many years and although there was a transition to compact fluorescent bulbs this came with a price. Although fluorescent bulbs used about 70% …

        How To Pick The Right Soldering Iron

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          There are times when working around your home that you need to repair or build something electrical and selecting the right soldering iron will make the difference between having a really easy time getting it right and causing more damage than already occurred.

          The first thing you should understand about Soldering is that you are not welding the wires or components together. You are attaching them with a metal that has a low melting point.

          To …

          How To Prepare for the 5 Biggest Problems Facing a Home Owner

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            Whether you are a first time home owner or have lived in one for a long time there are a few things that can go wrong around your house that you need to prepare for before they go wrong. In some cases you will be able to decide whether you want to do the work yourself or hire it out to a contractor but sometimes there just isn’t a choice and you are …

            How To Replace your Computers UPS Battery

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              Computers and Home Electronics are expensive so it is important that you protect them. Although the minimum protection of a surge protector should make sure that no really high voltage gets into your computer and destroys the electronic parts they won’t help you when the power goes out.

              A UPS Backup Power Supply will protect your computer from voltage spikes and when the power goes out it will kick in and give you enough …

              How To Selecting and Using the right Flux when Soldering Metals

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                Whether you are working on a copper pipe in your bathroom or trying to repair a speaker in your portable radio you are likely to find situations where you need to solder metal parts together for structural or electrical reasons.

                The first thing we should cover is very important. When you are working with home electrical systems you never solder the joints / connections. Wiring that is used to deliver electricity from your circuit breaker box …

                How To – Buying Alternative Energy from your Electric Company Is it Worth It?

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                  Just received a bill from my electric company and inside was their flyer that explains some of their services and lucky for me a coupon for light bulbs.  Honestly the coupon is worthless because you can’t use it at big discount warehouses where lights are cheaper by the 10 pack but lets get back to the other thing..

                  Included was information about how you as a customer can purchase a portion of your electric as …

                  How To – One Hour Home Energy Audit Checklist

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                    This quick checklist will let you evaluate many of the worst energy wasting culprits in your home.

                    It is not to be considered a be all end all survey of your home but it may point out areas that need some attention.

                    For a full energy audit you may be able to contact your local electric company for free or low cost evaluation of your home. If you do ask someone in to inspect your home …

                    How To – Compact Florescent Bulbs Quick Use Guide

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                      Here are some tips to using CFL Bulbs in your home.
                      Can I use a a CFL Bulb in Fixtures with Dimmer Switches?
                      Yes you can. But you need to purchase CFL Bulbs that are specifically designed to be dimmed. Not all bulbs can be dimmed.
                      Can I use a CFL Bulb in my lamp with a 3 Way Adjustment?
                      Yes you can use standard CFL Bulbs in your 3way lamp and have one level of brightness on …