How To – Using Span Charts For Framing

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    Framing is the process of building the supporting structure of a project whether it be a home or a deck or a shed.

    To build your project correctly so roofs can support snow, walls can withstand wind loads and your floor system can support the extra weight of the whirlpool bath you installed it is important to choose the correct sized lumber when building. For this reason architects and engineers take special care when they are selecting the …

    Exterior Sheathing Options

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      Most wear on your home will come from external elements. Wind, rain, snow, ice and uv rays from sunlight will all cause your home to break down over time. Unfortunately there is little you can do to stop its final demise but choosing the right products during construction will help extend the life of your home.
      In about 1950 new building materials standards improved the quality of available lumber. Timber mills began to test, grade and size dimensional lumber …

      Pneumatic Framing Nail Guns

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        Framing Nail GunNail guns now come in as many varieties as manual hammers. In this HowTo we will cover how to select and use a framing nail gun.
        There are 3 basic factors in your choice of a nail gun.
        1) Will you use Full Round Head Nails or Clipped Head Nails

        Round Head Nails have a higher holding capacity then clipped head nails. For this …

        Introduction to House Framing

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          Framing refers to the process of building the structure of the house. Once the foundation is established carpenters begin to build the frame of the house with nominal sized 2x lumber and plywood material.

          The methods used for building the frame of the house vary by region, the materials being used and builders experience. All builders will have a different way of getting the work done but the inspection process will make sure that general standards are adhered …

          Steel and Wood Beams

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              Steel and Wood beams are used throughout homes and commercial buildings to provide proper distribution of floor and wall loads. There are a few different types of beam designs and various materials that can be used but the most important factor is matching the structural rating of the beam to the loads being supported. For this reason under most conditions Beams will need to be specified by an Architect or Structural Engineer.

            Mid-span Beams are the most common type used …