How To – Selecting the right plywood for residential construction

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    There are a variety of locations within your home where plywood is used.  Plywood can be constructed of either layers of wood that are glued together or chips of wood that are oriented to obtain a specific structural strength.

    Standard plywood is made of layers that are glued together.  When logs go through a plywood mill a thin layer of wood is stripped from the logs in a similar method to a pencil sharpener.  These …

    How To – Understanding lumber grading and selection for framing

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      There are three main grades of lumber that are commonly used in structural framing.  A fourth category may be found in pre-made trusses but this material is not normally available to the general contractor.

      The first grade of lumber is light framing.  This grade of lumber is considered utility grade lumber and should not be used for framing walls or used as joists in either residential construction, commercial construction or where structural support is required.  …

      How To – Building Basics – The 4 main parts of a home

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        In this HowTo we will cover the 4 basic parts of a house structure.

        Yes I know you are saying there are so many items in a house how can it be broken down to just 4 main parts. Well here we will be covering the structure of the home better known as the Framing.

        Framing can be thought of as the shell or skeleton of the home.

        The parts used …

        Buying Guide – Choosing The Right Type Of Plywood

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          Plywood is used in a variety of places around our home. It can be found on our roofs, in our walls, floors and cabinets.

          Plywood gets its name from the way it is made. Thin layers of veneer thickness wood shaved from spruce and pine are stacked in layers or plies with its grain alternating in different directions. Each layer gets a coating of adhesive and the sheet is pressed until the glue cures then …

          How To – Installing Plywood Decking Over Floor Joists

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            After you have installed your floor joists the next step is installing the plywood decking that will be the base for your home’s floors.

            Before you begin this part of your project it is important that you make sure your joists / rim joists are aligned so the home is square.  Using a tape measure check the corners for square and double check the distances between the joists at 16 on center.

            Decking comes in two …

            How To – Finding Wall Studs Behind Drywall

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              Whether you are hanging a picture or installing a light switch there are many times when you need to locate the studs that are in your finished walls.

              Some people will suggest a tap and listen method to find where the stud is located but this is probably not a great idea. Since your wall may be made of paneling, drywall or plaster over lath depending on your untrained ear will leave you with a …

              How To – Steel Joist And Beam Hangers

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                There are many times when building an addition, deck or other project requires the use of steel Joist or beam hangers but how do you know when to use them and what is the best way to install them.

                Here we will look at a couple applications for steel and explain the proper install procedures.

                When you are hanging a porch or deck off of the side of your home …

                Steel Beams in Commercial Construction

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                  framing with steel beamsHere we will take a quick look at how steel beams can be used in commercial construction to extend the span between the outside walls of a building.

                  Commercial Construction is often very different then residential construction.

                  First many of the loads are different since the buildings are often taller and larger.

                  For the most part the safety aspects of construction are the same …

                  Sealing your house with Tyvek

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                    Sealing the house with Tyvek

                    Tyvek House Wrap is a pretty expensive product but because it comes in larger sizes it is many times easier to install then tar paper and will give your home a lasting base for keeping out the weather and wind.

                    To apply Tyvek you need to wrap the entire home. This is pretty easy to do if you follow a few simple suggestions.

                    Tyvek is very slippery so never rest the top of your ladder on the Tyvek that …