How To – Cleaning Black Mold From Whirlpool And Hot Tubs

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    Most new whirlpool owners forget the fact that along with the added features found in their new tub there is also extended maintenance necessary to keep there tub clean and healthy for using.

    There are two different types of Whirlpool tubs. The first is an Air Jet system that does not circulate water through the pump. The second is a water circulation system that provides water jets. Either of these types can be found in …

    How To – Considerations Before Replacing A Bathroom Sink

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      Your bathroom sink has been damaged or maybe its just time for an upgrade and change of color so what considerations should you take into account and how can you complete the job quickly and on budget.

      The first consideration you have to take into account is what other supporting parts of your sink may need to be replaced.
      Wall Mount Sinks
      If you are replacing a wall mount or pedestal sink without a vanity then …

      How To – Glass Decals For Safety And Style

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        Glass decals can be used around your home for both decorative and personal safety reasons and their design and application is pretty much limited only by your imagination.

        One of the best things about decals is that they can be removed if you change your style or want to sell your home. This way your personal taste can change and you don’t need to make expensive repairs.

        There are two basic types of ways decals can …

        How To – Cleaning Clogged Drains And Pipes

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          Tools & Hardware : Drain Sweep Drain SnakeEvery home will eventually have a clogged drain there is really not much you can do to prevent it so it is important that you prepare for the situation, not panic when it happens and have the tools you need to get things working again.

          Although in some cases you may need to call in a professional if a pipe needs to be replaced or a line needs to …

          HowTo Making Bathtub Cleaning A Little Easier

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            Whether you like it or not eventually you are going to have to clean your bathroom.

            Because bathtubs are the largest items they often go unmanaged for a couple weeks and during that time soap scum and mold can buildup. To reduce the hassles here are a few tips to making the chore a little easier.

            Probably the worst culprit in your bathroom is the non slip bath mat. Flexible made of a porous rubberized plastic …

            How To – Bathroom Sink Clog – P-trap and Pop-up

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              Bathroom sinks are notorious for getting clogged. In some instances it is almost a on going problem but curing the clog yourself is not always that difficult.

              For the most part I never suggest a chemical cleaner and the reason for this is often the clog is in an area where the chemical won’t come in extended contact with the material. Another good reason is if the Chemical does not work you will have caustic chemicals within pipes …

              How To – Painting Laminate Countertop

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                In a recent conversation with a friend they told me of a laminate countertop that they were unhappy with due to discoloration over many years. Although the countertop was in relatively decent physical condition it seems stains, scuffs and scratches were making the countertop look unappealing. They then asked my opinion on painting the countertop and told me of a few websites that had suggested painting could restore the countertop to new condition.

                After hearing …

                Choosing a Bathroom Faucet

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                  Wide Spread FaucetEvery bathroom needs fixtures that look good and perform with excellence. When viewing the vast number of choices in a store or online your visual and functional needs can quickly narrow the choices.
                  Every Manufacturer follows some basic design specs so you can expect to see many of the same mechanical features across all product lines.
                  First you must pick a model that physically fits your sink top….

                  How To – Building A Basement Bathroom On A Budget

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                    In this howto we will examine some of the options you have when building a basement bathroom and how you can save money by doing most of the work yourself.

                    If you have some basic carpentry and plumbing skills building a basement bathroom doesn’t need to cost you ten thousand dollars or more. The important thing is understanding what your requirements are for meeting code and what specialty items are available to get your job …

                    How To – Bathroom Storage Options And Ideas

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                      No matter how big, beautiful and new your bathroom is you will always find the need for more storage.

                      When planning your bathroom design you should decide whether you want to have hidden storage found in a vanity and wall cabinets, open shelving made of wire, glass wood or other materials or a mixture of everything.

                      In most bathrooms you will find a mixture of different storage areas but when piecing together parts you should remember …