Buying Guide – Retread Tires Are The Worth The Discount?

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    When your budget is tight or you just don’t what to spend a lot of money on tires for your old tired car or truck you might look at the discounts available on Retread or Remanufactured tires.

    In some situations a Retread can be a good deal but for many of us it is best we steer away from them.

    Retreads have been used on Tractor Trailers for a number of years. The reason being is …

    How To – Choosing And Installing Garage Shelves

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      Storage is an important part of any Garage or Workshop and there are many options available to you from ones you make yourself to professional grade solutions that are suited for specific tasks.

      If you are outfitting your garage for storage you might find yourself in a predicament of how much money should you spend. This is a problem as professional tool boxes can run into the thousands of dollars. The important thing to …

      How To – Changing Your Cars Oil And Filter

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        Search : 1983-2007 Toyota Corolla Full Oil FilterChanging the oil in your car will increase its life and provide better overall performance.

        Doing the job yourself has a few benefits not only will you save money but you can often purchase better products for less then parts and labor at your local shop.

        Many high volume shops will use generic filters and oil or they will order lower grade products that save the company a few …

        How To – Mixing Automotive Paint

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          Whether you are doing a touch-up or a full paint job following the correct methods of mixing your paint will provide accurate repeatable results and a finish you can be proud of.

          The main difference between professional paints and the type you get out of a spraycan or touch-up bottle is that it needs to be mixed.

          Each paint type and manufacturer selection will have different requirements so it is very important that you get specific …

          How To – Picking a Portable Power Inverter For Your Car

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            Whether its while driving to work everyday or while on vacation there are times when having access to AC voltage can be a life saver or more then just a convenience.

            Depending on how far you are willing to go you can install an inverter that can power just about any ac device you can think of.  There are limits though and tradeoffs for instance you might notice that many refrigerated vehicles like ice cream …

            How To – Understanding Tire Ratings Before You Buy

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              If you own your car for more then a few years and that includes most of us then you will endup needing to replace your cars tires.

              Most States require replacement if your tire tread reached 2/32″ of an inch.

              If you live in an area that sees lots of rain you should at least double that to 4/32″ and if you are in a snow area 6/32″ of an inch should be your limit.

              Most Tires …

              How To – Bleeding Brakes And Tools Needed

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                When you are replacing or repairing your brakes it is important to bleed the air out of the system. Air is easily compressible compared to liquid brake fluid and if bubbles are trapped in your lines you will end up with a soft brake that won’t perform well. Also the air will get entrapped in the fluid and cause poor breaking once your brakes heat up.

                It is also important to change the fluid in …

                How To – Repairing Stripped Bolts And Threads

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                  There are a number of times when working on your car or home that you end up messing up the threads on a bolt or spark plug or wind up with a nut that you strip the heck out of.

                  So what can you do in this situation other then grab a beer and start crying …..

                  Well in some cases you are going to endup replacing the item or bringing it to a machine shop …

                  How To – Automotive Trim Removal And Tools

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                    Interior and Exterior Trim on vehicles is installed in a way that fasteners are hidden from view. This makes the removal of these parts without damaging them one of the more difficult processes in auto repair.

                    For the most part understanding how trim parts are attached is a combination of experience and guess work. The process should be performed slowly and with much thought to find exactly where and how you should pry on a …

                    How To – Picking The Right Wheel Size For Your Car

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                      When you want to add upgrades to your vehicle after putting in a better sound system your car’s wheels and tires are usually next on the list.

                      There are a variety of reasons to upgrade your OEM Wheels and tires other then visual appearance most of the time its for better handling on or off road. You might also install aftermarket wheels if they are lighter then the OEM version to improve your ride and …