How To – Diagnosing A Clunking Sound Heard While Driving

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    One of the most common first indications of a problem with your car is a Clunking Sound heard while driving. The real problem is finding where is the clunking is coming from and what parts need to be replaced or repaired to cure it.

    Seriously though if you are the primary driver of your vehicle changed in the way the car is performing including changes in sounds and felt vibrations can be an indication that …

    How To – Flushing And Changing Power Steering Fluid

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      Changing Power Steering Fluid
      Just like your cars engine and transmission the power steering system on your car needs to have its fluid checked regularly and changed for best operation.

      Normally there won’t be a filter that needs to be replaced but flushing out the system can be a difficult process depending on your cars location of the pump.

      There are a variety of different types of Power Steering Fluid so do not just grab a bottle …

      How To – How To Tell If Your Engines Coil Is Bad

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        Your car’s electrical system is complex but by following simple diagnostic steps you can tell what parts are bad and need replacing.

        In order to ignite the fuel air mixture in your engine’s combustion cylinders you need a high voltage spark. Your car’s battery and charging system can only output from 10 to 15 volts of DC Current but by using a coil you can take the high amperage but low voltage of your electrical …

        HowTo – Inspecting & Repairing Drum Brake Wheel Cylinders

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          Most vehicles up until about 1970 had drum brakes on all four wheels after that time and up to today you are likely to see drum brakes on the rear of many vehicles and disk brakes on the front.

          Drum brakes work when hydrolic brake fluid is forced through your brake lines from your master cylinder to the wheel cylinders that force brake shoe pads out and against the surface of the brake drum.

          Although they …

          How To – Changing Spark Plug Wires

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            Maintaining your car is not always difficult or expensive but repairing problems once they happen can cause headaches and eat into your spending money. For this reason you should perform routine maintenance as your manufacturer suggests and while doing so you may want to change other worn parts that are easily accessible.

            Many new vehicles do not use standard spark plugs anymore but if your car is more then a few years old it is …

            How To – Getting The Most When Selling Your Car Or Truck

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              There will come a day when you want to or need to sell your car. You may be upgrading to a new or slightly used vehicle or maybe you are selling that second car that you kept around and no longer need.

              When selling your car you want to get the most you can but you also want to get rid of it as quick as you can.

              No matter what condition your car is in …

              How To – Improving Your Cars Audio System Without Radical Modifications

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                Whether you bought your car used or new there comes a time when upgrading your Audio System to meet your current needs is something you want to do.

                If you watch any of the car shows on Cable Television you will see multi-thousand dollar kits being installed in SUVs that take up the whole cargo area.

                Since most of us don’t want or need to go that far we thought we would examine some of the …

                How To – Trick To Getting Your Engine Crank Pulley Off

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                  On older vehicles with V8 engines and crank pulleys with harmonic balancers it was a pretty easy job getting your pulley off to get access to your timing chain or for whatever other reason you needed.

                  These pulleys were held on by 3 to 4 bolts that were tightened under 70 foot pounds of pressure. Even dealing with troublesome bolts would mean adding a pipe to your ratchet and giving it a mild yank.

                  Today’s engines …

                  How To – Checking And Replacing Automotive Fuses

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                    Automotive fuses are installed by manufacturers to protect the wiring and devices in your car from electrical overload.

                    Overloads can happen when an electrical circuit has a short to ground or internal problem that causes the device to draw too much electricity from your battery.

                    If this was to occur the fuses which is placed between the battery and the device would melt and turn off the flow of electricity before damage could occur.

                    Buying Guide – Air Compressor Hoses And Adapters

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                      Well you just purchased your Air Compressor and new Tool Set and maybe your manufacturer was nice enough to include a basic hose and a few adapters to get you started but there are a number of features that you should consider to get the most out of your tools.

                      For most non-commercial applications when buying hoses you will be looking at a range from 1/4″ at the small end to 1″ at the very …