Battery Replacement Costs For Electric Vehicles Will Kill Resale Value

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    Even though Manufacturers of Electric vehicles have yet to produce a vehicle that  can provide enough range and utility to replace their gasoline counterparts market annalists of the secondary or used car market are predicting that vehicles will lose 90 percent of their value after only 5 years.

    Most standard fuel cars retain at least 24% of their value at the five year mark and many exceed that amount. With recent government incentives for car …

    How To – Low Profile Tires And Wheels

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      There has been a fad in the past 10 years for huge rim wheels and tiny low profile tires.

      Why people put these things on their cars is beyond any understanding other then the fact that cars with this option also often come with stereo systems that pull more amps then a home stereo system and weird color schemes that look like some type of intergalactic glitter vomit. Basically …

      How To – Using A MultiMeter To Test Electrical Circuits

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        Search : Sinometer DT830B 20-Range DMM & Battery TesterEvery Good toolbox should have a couple different types of Electrical Testers. For testing if electricity is present at a wall outlet you may want to use a non-contact electrical tester pen that costs about $10 and can sense electricity within a shielded wire and will light up to tell you the circuit is hot. This is very similar to a timing light that is used in …

        Toyota Explains That Problem Parts Were Designed By Parts Suppliers

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           : 1985 Toyota Corolla (Sprinter Trueno GT Apex) diecast model car 1:18 scale die cast by AUTOart - White 78791The CEO and grandson of the Founder of Toyota Motors testified before Congress today and reveled some of the most important facts in the recent problems with their vehicles.

          When questioned by the subcommittee the CEO was presented with two different models of floor peddles that have caused problems. One of the parts …

          Toyota Sees Third Round Of Recalls Now Including The Prius

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            All Products : Set of 12 Cars: 5" Toyota Prius 1:34 Scale from KinsmartToyota customers that were told Japanese assembled vehicles were not as risk may want to check in with their dealers today. A third announcement has just been released stating that the Prius which is assembled outside of the USA may have the same or a new type of accelerator problem.

            It seems that owners of the vehicles in question have been reporting problems …

            How To – Repairing Fiberglass Gel Coat Cracks In Bathtubs, Boats, Cars

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              Whether you are getting ready to fix your bathtub, boat, Truck Cap or other Fiberglass item that has seen some abuse you are probably going to need to replace its outer gel coat in the process.

              Many fiberglass parts are made in a mold and to produce a quality smooth surface the technician will coat the mold with a gel coat and then apply fiberglass over it on the inside of the part.

              This is the …

              How To – Ten Things You Can Do To Extend The Life Of Your Car

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                Search : Lund 18476 Interceptor Smoke Wrap-Around Bug ShieldWith the price we pay for new and even used vehicles today it is important to get the most out of them. Here we will discuss some of the simple things you can do to extend the life of your car or truck while also improving its performance.

                It is not uncommon to see vehicles driven 20 to 30,000 miles every year and with that comes a lot …

                How To – Understanding Automotive Saftey Air Bag Systems

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         about a decade many passenger vehicles have come standard with Air Bag Safety systems and in addition to the standard options protecting the driver and front passenger additional safety air bags are available for side impacts and rear passengers.

                  The first thing that you need to understand is that an Air Bag System is designed to work in unison with your seat belt restraint system so driving without your seat belts is not only …

                  HowTo – Helpful Tips For Safe Driving In Winter Snow & Ice

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                    Well it is that time of year again and it seems no matter how many years some people have under their seat belt the first snow or ice storm puts them on the side of the road or into the back of someone else s car.

                    With just a handful of simple tips you can navigate your way on all but the most snow covered roads but lets first start by saying the #1 tip …

                    How To – Diagnosing A Clunking Sound Heard While Driving

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                      One of the most common first indications of a problem with your car is a Clunking Sound heard while driving. The real problem is finding where is the clunking is coming from and what parts need to be replaced or repaired to cure it.

                      Seriously though if you are the primary driver of your vehicle changed in the way the car is performing including changes in sounds and felt vibrations can be an indication that …