How To – Leasing Vs Buying A New Car

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    One of the biggest questions many people face when looking at new vehicles is whether they should lease or purchase. This decision is always your choice and you should never be pressured into making this decision before you get all of the information you need to understand all the requirements and benefits of each choice.
    Leasing Your New Vehicle
    When leasing a vehicle you are agreeing to pay for the use of the vehicle and then …

    How To – Curing Alternator And Accessory Belt Squealing

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      We have all experienced it or heard someone driving down the street with a squealing belt on their engine but what causes this and what can you do about it?

      Your engine is the mains source of power for your car. Along with powering your wheels to get you down the road accessory belts run from your crankshaft to power things like your Air Conditioner, Power Steering and Alternator.

      The squealing that you hear is the …

      How To – What To Do If You Are In A Car Accident

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        Car accidents whether small or big are not fun but knowing what you should do in the event of an accident will help you get through it with fewer problems and hardship.

        The first thing that you have to do is make sure you are safe. Hopefully the traffic around you will stop but there are always fools that try to make it around an accident on the side of the road or even drive …

        How To – What Is A Hybrid Vehicle And How Do They Effect Your Driving

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          Almost every car manufacture has introduced some type of a Hybrid Engine System but the differences in what they consider a Hybrid can be a little confusing. Lets take a look at some of the options you have when selecting a Hybrid and if those features will effect your driving.

          The first hybrid to hit mass production was the Honda Insight. The Insight’s type of engine system is what most people consider to be a …

          How To – Is Buying A Damaged Used Car Worth The Repairs?

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            So, You found the car you always wanted or maybe its just someting you can afford to drive and the deal looks great on paper until you arrive and find there is some accident damage that needs to be fixed before you can even get on the road.

            The owner tells you the damage can be repaired pretty easy and you believe that most of the work is in your ability. So should you buy …

            How To – Removing Snow And Ice From Your Car The Easy Way

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              You woke up this morning and your car was covered in Ice and Snow. You could go back to sleep and hope your boss doesn’t notice you didn’t show up today but more then likely this is not an option.

              So how can you get yourself into your car and on the road the easy way?

              Well honestly dealing with snow and ice won’t be the easiest thing especially when you are still half a sleep …

              How To – Repairing Chips In Auto Glass Windshields

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                Auto Glass made after about 1965 is temperedĀ  safety glass. It isĀ  product that is hard and it is engineered so that when it brakes it fragments into small square shaped pieces instead of long sharp shards you will get if you brake a kitchen glass or bottle.

                Auto Glass is also layered with an outside and inside piece of glass that has a sheet of special plastic between the layers to …

                How To – Changing Your Vehicles Timing Belt & Water Pump – Honda 4cyl

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                  Proper preventive maintenance will keep your vehicle running much longer then waiting for things to go wrong and trying to fix them after they break. This is especially true when it comes to your car’s timing belt and water pump.

                  You should follow your manufacturer’s recommendations as to when to perform the replacement of your timing belt but most vehicles are approximately every 80-100,000 miles OR every 5 years. Considering Years along with Miles is …

                  How To – Surviving A Winter Snow Storm Trapped In Your Car

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                    Every winter we hear reports of people who are trapped in their vehicles for long periods of time due to winter snow conditions. This past week Buffalo, NY saw vehicles on a 13 mile stretch of highway trapped in their cars and trucks for over 20 hours and this is in a relatively urban type environment where emergency services could have responded in minutes under normal conditions.

                    If you are on a long stretch of …

                    How To – Servicing Disk Brakes & Replacing Pads

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                      Servicing your cars disk brakes is a relatively easy task that only takes a few basic hand tools and a couple hours of your time. In this howto we are restoring an older vehicle that needs its front pads replaced. We will not be replacing or cutting the rotors but this is an option that you should consider.

                      If you bring your vehicle in for service most brake places will cut your rotors / turn …