How To – Replacing Your Cars Windshield

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    Maybe you were driving down the road and a truck kicked up a rock or you were the victim of a storm and a branch fell on your car. No matter the reason there are times when you need to replace the windshield in your vehicle so lets look at what the process will entail.

    The first thing you should understand when you are presented with the fact your windshield is going to be replaced …

    How To – Flushing, Replacing And Bleeding Your Cars Brake Fluid

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      Probably one of the last jobs a car owner ever thinks about is completely replacing the brake fluid in their car’s brake system. Most car makers suggest that you not only bleed your brakes on a regular interval and while replacing brake parts but that you also replace all of the fluid in your master cylinder and brake lines.

      Although your brake system is a sealed system the fluid is very sensitive to humid air …

      How To – Detailing & Painting Disk Brake Calipers

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        Once your cars brakes reach a certain age about 5 years or more you will have probably gone through a few sets of brake pads and possibly a set of rotors. During that time if you haven’t been doing the work yourself or if you happen to buy a used vehicle your disk brake calipers are likely to have collected a lot of surface rust.

        Just because your calipers have surface rust is no reason …

        How To – Pricing Garage Doors Which Features Will Cost More

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          There are many considerations when selecting the right garage door for your home and one of the most important ones is price. When selecting a door you want to compare the features available between the lines from the same manufacturer and then use those specifications when you compare doors from other manufacturers.

          You may find that the design features that one company offers are not available from other companies but basic features will be available …

          How To – Replacing An Axle On A Front Wheel Drive Honda

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            For most car owners that intend to keep their vehicles more then 5 years you can expect to do some maintenance that can cost you quite a bit of money at the Dealer or a little less at your local shop but if you are able and have the space there is no reason that you can’t do much of the work yourself and save thousands of dollars.

            Lets face it the longer you can …

            How To – Diagnosing And Replacing Automotive Catalytic Converters

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              Your cars catalytic converter is designed to burn extra gasoline fumes that make it through your engines combustion chamber to reduce your cars emissions.

              The converter can be thought of as a filter and small furnace to burn these vapors. Its internal parts are made of titanium and its outer shell is made of heat resistant steel just like the rest of your exhaust system.

              Thinking of the Catalytic Converter as a filter will let you …

              How To – Selecting The Right Classic Car To Restore

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                Many people love the look and feel of driving a classic car but how do you decide which model is the best to restore? The first thing you have to ask yourself is will the car be an investment or will it be a driver that you take out on the weekends to have fun with.

                Restoring for investment reasons has more to do with how far you need …

                Alternative Fuels – Aug 26 2010 Hydrogen Explosion At Rochester NY Truck Fueling Station

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                  A Rochester NY truck driver delivering a Hydrogen Tank to a refueling station was injured with first and second degree burns during an accidental explosion August 26.

                  The explosion happened at the Monroe County Green Alternative Fueling Station on Scottsville Rd. during a truck re-fueling around 12:45 Thursday afternoon.

                  The main runway of the airport was closed after the explosion, but was reopened around 2:15 p.m.

                  Two hydrogen tanks at Monroe County’s alternative fuel station exploded, County …

                  How To – Things To Look For When Selecting A Classic Mustang For Restoration

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                    In this HowTo we are going to take a look at the things you need to know before you dig deep into your pocket to restore a Classic Mustang.

                    The first thing that you have to understand is not all Mustangs are made the same. This is both a physical and economic consideration when selecting which model you want to restore.
                    First Generation Mustangs
                    If you want to get the most out of your time and money the first …

                    How To – Saving On Gasoline Costs

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                      We are lucky to have a certified auto mechanic on staff so with the high prices of gasoline effecting both contractors and everyone else we decided to take a look at some of the things that can reduce your fuel costs. There are many companies out there trying to sell you products that just don’t work so what can be done to really save some money.

                      Driving Habits
                      The most important thing you can do is ease up on your peddle when …