How To – Repairing Chips In Auto Glass Windshields

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    Auto Glass made after about 1965 is tempered  safety glass. It is  product that is hard and it is engineered so that when it brakes it fragments into small square shaped pieces instead of long sharp shards you will get if you brake a kitchen glass or bottle.

    Auto Glass is also layered with an outside and inside piece of glass that has a sheet of special plastic between the layers to …

    How To – Changing Your Vehicles Timing Belt & Water Pump – Honda 4cyl

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      Proper preventive maintenance will keep your vehicle running much longer then waiting for things to go wrong and trying to fix them after they break. This is especially true when it comes to your car’s timing belt and water pump.

      You should follow your manufacturer’s recommendations as to when to perform the replacement of your timing belt but most vehicles are approximately every 80-100,000 miles OR every 5 years. Considering Years along with Miles is …

      How To – Surviving A Winter Snow Storm Trapped In Your Car

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        Every winter we hear reports of people who are trapped in their vehicles for long periods of time due to winter snow conditions. This past week Buffalo, NY saw vehicles on a 13 mile stretch of highway trapped in their cars and trucks for over 20 hours and this is in a relatively urban type environment where emergency services could have responded in minutes under normal conditions.

        If you are on a long stretch of …

        How To – Servicing Disk Brakes & Replacing Pads

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          Servicing your cars disk brakes is a relatively easy task that only takes a few basic hand tools and a couple hours of your time. In this howto we are restoring an older vehicle that needs its front pads replaced. We will not be replacing or cutting the rotors but this is an option that you should consider.

          If you bring your vehicle in for service most brake places will cut your rotors / turn …

          How To – Servicing Drum Brakes And Replacing Brake Pads

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            Until the 1970’s most vehicles other then high performance models had drum brakes on all four wheels after that time disk brakes were standard on the front of many vehicles and many went to four wheel disk brakes. Today you are likely to see drum brakes on base model vehicles on the rear wheels however some manufacturers are moving away from drum brakes all together.

            The reason drum brakes are still acceptable on the rear …

            How To – Building A Professional Mechanics Tool Set

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              The old saying that you need the right tool for the job has some truth to it. Whether you are a Mechanic starting out your career or a high end hobbyist that thinks its better to put labor charges into tools and do the job yourself you have probably already found out the hard way that some tools are better then others.

              I say you probably found out the hard way because like most people …

              How To – Inspecting And Repairing Drum Brake Wheel Cylinders

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                Drum Brakes are still used by car manufacturers on rear brakes and it is likely that your vehicle has a set unless it is a high performance or non-base model with 4 wheel disk brakes.

                Drum brakes are pretty basic and relatively easy to understand and work on.  The rear hub that is attached to your axle will hold your wheel studs to attach your tire.

                If the vehicle is front wheel drive the axles will …

                How To – Replacing Your Cars Windshield

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                  Maybe you were driving down the road and a truck kicked up a rock or you were the victim of a storm and a branch fell on your car. No matter the reason there are times when you need to replace the windshield in your vehicle so lets look at what the process will entail.

                  The first thing you should understand when you are presented with the fact your windshield is going to be replaced …

                  How To – Flushing, Replacing And Bleeding Your Cars Brake Fluid

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                    Probably one of the last jobs a car owner ever thinks about is completely replacing the brake fluid in their car’s brake system. Most car makers suggest that you not only bleed your brakes on a regular interval and while replacing brake parts but that you also replace all of the fluid in your master cylinder and brake lines.

                    Although your brake system is a sealed system the fluid is very sensitive to humid air …

                    How To – Detailing & Painting Disk Brake Calipers

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                      Once your cars brakes reach a certain age about 5 years or more you will have probably gone through a few sets of brake pads and possibly a set of rotors. During that time if you haven’t been doing the work yourself or if you happen to buy a used vehicle your disk brake calipers are likely to have collected a lot of surface rust.

                      Just because your calipers have surface rust is no reason …