How To Choose a Home Backup Server

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    Choosing home backup server depends upon the amount of storage that you need and whether that storage needs to be accessible by many devices.

    If you are simply backing up your local computer then a USB attached storage device should be sufficient for your needs. If you’re backing up more than one computer or need to share the files with more than one device then you want to look at …

    How To Deal with Comcast’s New Broadband Data Caps

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      If you are under 30 statistics show that there is a good chance that you don’t even purchase TV Subscriptions from your Cable Provider. For the rest of us that number right now is in the 20% area with many millions of customers every few months on all provider’s networks who are choosing only to get Data Plans and not subscribe to TV Broadcasts.

      Does this mean that people no longer want to watch TV? …

      How To Get Around Comcast’s New Data Caps

      Be Sociable, Share! you wonder what you are going to do when Data Caps come to your Home Town you aren’t alone. For millions of Americans that rely on online streaming of content to either supplement or replace TV Subscriptions an in your face campaign has been launched to increase your monthly costs exponentially.

        Our family has been Comcast customers for decades even before there was Internet Service but at that time the quality of content on cable …

        How To Prepare for TV Streaming replacing DVD Media

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          If you are old enough you remember the transition from Antenna to Cable and Dish and now to Streaming services. If you wanted to watch a movie you went to the movie theater and watched what was playing or maybe there was a Movie on a Major Network a couple times a week. We then had the opportunity to record what we watched with VCR Tapes and then CDs, DVDs and the Blueray Disks.

          If …

          How To Connect Your Roof Antenna to your Cable TV Wires and Keep Internet

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            A lot of people are Cutting The Cord and moving away from Cable and Dish Television subscriptions and installing their own antenna however doing this can be complicated if you also get your internet service from your Cable Company.

            The first thing you should understand is unless you are special and you’re probably not.. the wires in your home are yours to do with as you want. If something goes wrong with your internal wiring …

            Cable Companies Moving to Online Streaming instead of the Cable Box

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              In the past year we have seen many reports of cable and dish companies losing customers to streaming however many cable customers still want services that aren’t available from the big streaming distributors specifically Live Television and Sports.

              Well it seems that the cable companies are noticing but don’t get your hopes up for a lower bill quite yet.

              If you are a comcast customer you may have tried their streaming app that will allow you …

              How To Get Antenna TV Reception From Two Directions

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                In this How To we will look at the ways to get TV Stations from two different directions with a single antenna. This might not sound too hard but in some situations it can be really difficult. In this example the situation is really good for the home owner. The signals are almost directly north and south of each other and the power levels are very strong. Also the distances to the TV Towers …

                How To Find out which Cell Phone Provider has the Best Coverage in your area

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                  If you are like many people the cell phone coverage you have is spotty. At home you might have 5 bars but three miles down the road at the supermarket you only get one.

                  Many problems with reception can be spotty like that but when you are choosing a provider you want to plan for the best case scenario. This means you should find a provider that gives you good coverage at home and at …

                  How To Rewire A Remodeled House For Internet And Antenna or Dish

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                    A friend is about to move into a fixer home and it will require a complete rip-out of most of the walls, plumbing and electrical so they are at that point where they are considering what they should do to bring the home up to current standards for entertainment and internet access.

                    At this point the home will basically be in the same state as a new home. Everything will be accessible and this will …

                    How To Protect Your HTPC Microsoft to make Windows 10 an Automatic Update

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                      If you are running a CableCard Tuner or any type of TV Tuner in your Windows HTPC there is some important information you need to be alert to.

                      Microsoft has been pushing their Windows 10  Operating System on owners of Windows 7 and 8 Systems so hard that the upgrade is Free. This might be good news for normal desktop users that don’t capture TV Shows from Cable or Antenna but if you are someone …