How To Cure a Musty Smelling Clothes Washer

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    Musty smelling clothes washers are a problem that many people have. Unfortunately this problem happens not because we aren’t good care takers of our homes but because of residual water that remains in the washer after use.

    This can be a very difficult problem to take care of because the bacteria that causes the smell will also cause your clean clothes to stink.

    The amount of bleach that you might use in your whites is normally …

    How To Reduce Your Cable Internet Bill

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      If you are in an area that provides internet over your cable tv company’s line then you have probably looked at the costs involved. The first thing you should know is that if you are a large data user the major internet providers are going to limit your data download amount with what is called a Data Cap. Although there are FCC rules that force cable and phone providers to provide open access and …

      How To Remove Cosmetic Damage from a Stainless Steel Refrigerator

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        A friend picked up a stainless steel refrigerator for at a really great discount but it had some cosmetic damage from what seemed to be scotch tape and they are wondering how to clean or restore the surface.

        In this case there is either chemical damage from the tape or whatever made those marks or there is physical damage to the surface. Most likely if you don’t see any scratches on the surface and the …

        How To Fix A Stove Burner That Stays On When Turned Off

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          One of our friends has a problem with their relatively new range. The problem is when they turn the back burner off it will stay on low. They tried removing the burner and changing it with the other one that is the same size but this is not fixing it.

          Ok so this is probably a problem with the Range’s Switch. The switch that controls the electricity to the burner could be shorted and this …

          How To Fix A Leaking Freezer

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            One of our friends asked a question about their freezer. They want to know why their freezer is leaking and how do they fix it.

            This is a pretty common problem and the solution is really easy. They own a side by side refrigerator freezer unit so the problem with the melting isn’t going to ruin the food in their refrigerator but if you own a top and bottom refrigerator the freezer can cause water …

            How To Stop Items in the Freezer Door Thawing

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              This person’s problem is pretty common they ask how do I stop the items in my freezer from thawing. It seems that the items that are located on the door of a top freezer refrigerator are beginning to thaw on them and they are trying to figure out why this is happening.

              The first thing you want to make sure about is that the freezer door shuts well. When I install a refrigerator I do …

              How To Listen To Free Live FM Radio On Your Phone Without Streaming Music

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                If you live in an area where you can pickup FM Radio but you like to use your Phone to listen to music there is a way that you can without eating into your Data Caps.

                Most Phones now have FM Radio Tuners and you can checkout if your phone does by reading the specs on your manufacturer’s website. If your phone does have a FM Tuner you will need an application to be able …

                How To What TV Channels are typically free with a tv antennae?

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                  Television-TV-AntennaIf you are considering reducing your cable or dish bill by going with Antenna based TV then you will have some change in your life. However there is a lot of great free content that you can get if you are within the broadcast area and you may have options over your broadband to supplement your local stations with free and paid streaming options.

                  Most Major Networks like Fox CBS ABC NBC also …

                  How To Move A Refrigerator Without Damaging The Compressor

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                    A buddy of mine was getting a new refrigerator for his basement and when he picked it up he placed it in the back of his pickup on its side because he was afraid that the highway trip might be too much for it standing up.

                    After doing so he asked what problems can happen from doing this and whats the best thing he can do now so the refrigerator won’t get damaged.

                    When moving a …

                    How To Prepare for New Antenna and Streaming Standards in Television

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                      There are many new standards and television that are about to happen. Most cable systems are preparing to move their broadcast to streaming solutions and over the air antenna base television we’ll see new standards in IP distribution in the new ATSC 3.0 standard.

                      So what does this mean for most of us? It may mean that the new televisions we have just purchased to be compatible with digital technology will need to be replaced …