How To – Kitchen Appliances Have No Power What Should You Do?

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    Someone that just purchased a new home contacted us with a question about the lack of power to their Kitchen Appliances and Washer / Dryer.

    It seems that they just moved in and found that all of their major appliances were lacking power. After checking what they could they asked if there were any switches that they should look for on the back of the appliances or maybe a hidden wall switch that wasn’t turned …

    How To – Repairing A Bissell Carpet Shampoo Vacuum Cleaner

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      No matter what manufacture you purchase your carpet cleaner from the basic design will remain the same. There are basic parts that can break or need servicing through out its life to keep it in good working order.

      Before you begin working on your carpet cleaner you want to visit your manufacture and find an exploded view of all of the parts. Often you can get lucky and find a service manual that will also …

      How To – Solar Generators How Much Electricity Can They Produce

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        There has been a lot of talk about Solar Generators lately so lets take a look at what they are and how you can benefit from one.

        Solar Generators are prepackaged kits that include a Solar Panel, 12volt to 115volt inverter and a battery for storage. These small kits come with one to four solar panels and a total rating of 60 to 400 watts of output.

        The average 100 watt panel with inverter and battery …

        How To – Biometric Safes For Security & Easy Access

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          Biometrics in security has been around for more then 15 years but most of our homes still do not rely on this technology for storage of personal items and weapons.

          Every good gun owner should have their weapons secured at all times but this also means delays of access in emergency situations.  With advances in technology and reductions in cost this easy and secure method of storing your items is now in reach.

          Although storing large …

          How To – Learning The Basics Of Using Your Sewing Machine

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            Making homemade clothes look as good as store bought ones takes a lot of time and skill but I would first start by learning the different types of seams.

            The easiest seam is a hidden seam. If you look at a pair of denim jeans on the legs of the jean you have hidden seams on the inside of the leg and face stitched seams on the outside of the leg. Hidden seams are stitched …

            How To – Tilt Wall Mounts For LCD And Plasma Televisions

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              Most small to midsized flat screen televisions will come from the manufacture with a table top stand for viewing larger televisions will require mounting on your wall. You may even want to mount a smaller television directly on your wall to provide a better viewing angle or just for saving space.

              To mount your television correctly will mean proper selection of a tilt wall mount.  Most stores will offer mounts to fit televisions that they …

              How To – Save Money And Prewash New Jeans Yourself

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                How many times have you gone into a store to purchase a new pair of jeans and been amazed at the prices. The least costly ones usually start at about $8 and are unprocessed denim that is hard as a piece of cardboard and also not as attractive but as you go up in price you have to wonder if some of these companies are buying jeans out of the garbage and reselling them.

                If …

                Home Warranty Insurance Is It Worth The Money?

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                  Today it seems every company you deal with wants to sell you some type of insurance for your car, computer, electronics and home.

                  When you purchased your home or when it was built new the builder most likely provided a free workmanship guaranty that also covered replacement of defective materials for the first couple years.  Some items such as foundations or framing may be covered for up to 10 years and many of the individual …

                  How To – Replacing Refrigerator Freon When Making Repairs

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                    Repairing appliances in your home can save you a lot of money in labor costs. Most replacement parts to repair your appliances can be ordered online from merchants that sell the same line of appliances you own or directly from the manufacturer.  This is a pretty easy process if you have the manufacturer, model and possibly a serial number that will match the date of the appliance just in case parts have been changed …

                    How To – Dishwasher Buying Guide Tips

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                      Being on a bussy schedule the use of a dishwasher in the kitchen can releave much of the work it takes to get good meals on the table.  So, what should you look for in a dishwasher to make sure you get one that meets your families needs.

                      Placement of your Dishwasher.
                      Dishwashers are best placed immediately adjacent to your sink for proper feed and disposal of waste water.

                      Styles & Sizes
                      Most dishwashers will come in standard …