How To – Steps for Hiring the right Appliance Repair Technician

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    All of us will be in this situation… an appliance in our home breaks and we need it fixed as soon as possible.  If we are able to buy the part and install it ourselves we wouldn’t need to hire someone to do the work for us and we would save about half the cost just due to labor fees but when we can’t do the work or when it is just a better …

    How To – Buying Appliances Online doesn’t always mean Install It Yourself

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      Many online retailers understand that as a home owner you may not have the skills or time to install your appliances yourself.

      In addition to install concerns is the removal of your old appliance. Some municipalities charge you extra and make you schedule appliance pickups that can mean the difference in cost of buying online and buying at a local store so some online dealers have started to offer both install and takeaway as part …

      How To – Why is my Dishwasher making my Dishes and Glasses Cloudy?

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        Cloudy glassware and dull dishes has been a problem forever but no matter how hard you scrub you always seem to be polishing your glasses before you place them out on your table.

        There are a few factors that can ruin a load of dishes but honestly it shouldn’t be that difficult to get good results.

        Proper temperatures and racking of your items should be followed to allow quick draining and full cleaning.

        Soaps that are specifically …

        How To – Home Security Systems for Apartment Renters

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          Wireless alarm system for ApartmentsThere are many reasons that people choose renting over owning their own home. Often it is for convenience or it could be for temporary housing when moving to a new location or it could just be the cost. Whatever the reason it does not mean that you have to do without a dependable security system that you can purchase and control yourself.

          The problem with home security systems is that they …

          How To – Removing Oil Stains and Gasoline Smells from Work Clothes

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            The cost of working in your garage shouldn’t include the price of a new pair of pants and a shirt.. Everyone who has got too deep into a project probably found that oily greasy mess that you wish never happened. We aren’t talking about normal stains this is when you endup pulling a transmission and getting soaked head to toe in fluid or end up with the content of a wheel bearing all over …

            How To – Crock Pot Cooking and Easy Cleanup

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              Crock Pot cooking is an easy way to assemble a meal in the morning and have it ready for dinner without needing to watch it. The main advantage of slow cooking also means that cleanup of baked on food can really be a pain.

              Where you can probably get away with a quick scrub of a stove top pot or pan the amount of scrubbing can be harsh on your crock pot. Placing your liner in your dish washer is probably …

              How To – Cutting Costs of Expensive Cable or Satellite TV

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                Every time I get the cable bill I wonder why am I paying for dozens of channels that I never watch and shouldn’t there be a way that I can get a cheaper bill.

                I think most people feel the same way. We want to have some entertainment but we end up paying for so much garbage that we never wanted.

                Well there are a few ways that you can lower your costs. Unfortunately you can’t …

                How To – Budget Upgrading Your Computer To An Intel i5 Sandybridge i3 i7 Options

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                  Normally we don’t get too in depth on howtos that cover computer hardware upgrades but since many of our users are looking to upgrade computers for their business or  family we thought we would take a quick look at how you can get the most bang for your buck and extend the life of your system.

                  Now if you are going from a very old computer like we are. Our system is a Pentium 2.6ghz …

                  Buying Guide – Wall Ovens Choosing The Right Options For Your Kitchen

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                    There are many different types of ovens including standard gas and electric models and specialty ovens that act like commercial ovens in your kitchen.

                    Here we will look at some of the different types and features that you can choose from when buying a new oven.
                    Power Sources
                    Depending on the availability you can choose between Gas or Electric for a Wall Oven. Gas can come in propane or natural gas and a easy adjustment will make …

                    How To – Moving Your Refrigerator

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                      All Products : Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps "As Seen on TV"Whether you need to get under your refrigerator to retrieve that fallen spoon or you want to pack it up to move across the country moving your refrigerator is one of the least pleasant tasks you will run into.

                      The problem is that not only are they heavy but they are bulky so getting a good grip on them during the process can be difficult.

                      The first …