Industry News – GE Closes Last US Light Bulb Factory Moves To China

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    The last US based light bulb factory was just closed by General Electric.  The factory part of the Thomas Edison legacy which has produced incandescent bulbs since 1870  closed quietly and the last 200 workers have lost their jobs without much notice.

    Federal law will prohibit the sale of incandescent bulbs by 2014 and although the business has seen massive amounts of bailout money from the federal government the idea of retrofitting the plant to produce compact florescent bulbs seems out of the question.

    General Electric officials announced that it will cost 50% more to make bulbs in the US then in their Chinese Factories. They did not expound on how many hands are actually in the process of manufacture at such plants however most if not all of the work is now done by robots.

    This makes us wonder if the US Robot Unions are the reason for higher prices considering that plants that once employed tens or hundreds of thousands of workers across the US now only need a limited crew to manage machinery and make changes to the automated process of manufacture.

    Is it really the fact that our industry even highly automated processes such as the production of mercury filled light bulbs  costs so much more due to man hours or have deals been made to outsource production in order to build the Chinese economy?

    President Obama said last month that he expects the government’s commitment to clean energy to lead to more than 800,000 jobs by 2012.

    Unfortunately this does not seem to be a reality either in his meager funding of projects or the priority of which jobs his administration has been dumping funds into.

    With less then 200 million dollars spent from all expenditures for alternative sources of energy to tens of millions given to GM for the design of batteries we now see are produced in Asia… it is more then significant to say the administration has completely sold out to his special interests and could care less about restoring our economy.

    When you spend three trillion dollars in 18 months on bailouts which increase government employee wages and benefits then target a handful of union workers wages (some who receive well over $100 an hour) at General Motors I think most people can see it is not the future of America that is benefiting.

    Although you can say this has been going on for decades it seems as if they are now ready to strike the death blow to America by placing us so far in debt and killing every job that is not directly controlled … such as teacher and government union who make twice or more then the average wage in their community or special interests who get projects with budgets ten times the actual cost only to have that money kicked back to support the support structure of the vultures as they eat the carcass of our country.

    When America no longer even produces light bulbs it is not because we can’t or because our workers don’t want those jobs… its because someone has made the choice that the average worker is not worthy of having a living wage for a hard days work.

    Most workers do not expect the benefits or $140 an hour overtime with full retirements that GM and other companies are going bankrupt over but unlike 30 years ago it seems if you are willing to work hard to support your family you are worse off then someone who is not.

    I mean what are we suppose to do fight wars in the dark? Have the lights been shut off and the bulbs taken in some sick joke?


    The next time someone tries to tell you things are getting better and green technology jobs are the future and free things for everyone and hope is around the corner so don’t feel bad 3 of your neighbors just lost their jobs, cars, homes… just remember .. we don’t even make light bulbs anymore.

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