Installing Vinyl Siding

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    One of the fastest ways to update the exterior of a home is to install vinyl siding. Although the steps to perform the task are simple you will need both basic building skills and a limited fear of heights. Have you ever walked on the roof of your home or cleaned your gutters well that’s about as high on a ladder as you will get.

    If you think you have what it takes then lets get started.

    Some of the basic tools you will need can be purchased anyplace they sell vinyl siding. They may be part of your tool kit now and you may find other tools useful later on. 

    Utility knife
    Aviation Tin Snips
    Claw Hammer
    Speed Square
    Carpenters Level
    Hack Saw
    Carpenters Pencil, Magic Marker
    Caulk Gun
    Staple Tacking Hammer
    Vinyl Bead Tool
    Needle Nosed Pliers
    Hand Tools for bending flashing

    Those are pretty much your basic tools you will also need some way to get up the side of your house to install the siding. If you own a single story house you can do most of the work with just ladders however peaks of the roof may be a problem. It may be worth it to rent or purchase an inexpensive set of pump ladder jacks.

    A pump jack system is a 4×4 post that is positioned about 3 feet away from the building. The footing is secured with stakes and the top portion is secured to the roof of the house by lifting up the shingles and nailing on the attaching device. Installing a pump jack with less then 3 people is a very difficult process but it can be done. You may want to ask your rental center if they will install the jacks.

     Now that we have a way to get up and down the side of the house the hard work is done. From here all you do is follow the repetitive task of attaching the siding to the home.

    We aren’t going to let you get  away that fast but really you will find that the pump jacks or ladder systems will be much less fun then seeing how fast you can change the total look of your home by installing Vinyl Siding.

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