China Won’t Allow Export Of Metals Used In Green Technology

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    Well if you were wondering when the Green Jobs might start showing up to help Americans who are now unemployed and get us off dependence of fossil fuels it won’t be any time soon says the Chinese Government.

    In an announcement released January 2nd by Chinese officials the country that controls 97% of the metals that are used in Green Energy Technology Products will reduce and eliminate the export of raw material with the intention of controlling the world supply of end user products.

    Well into 2009 China had been restricting the export of raw materials used in solar cells and wind turbine production. This lead to General Electric closing their US based Solar Panel plant in November of 2009 due to cost factors. GE Said that the cost of building Solar Panels was now higher then they could charge their customer.

    As of December China placed a 50% restriction on Exports and now intends to eliminate exports of these unique metals all together.

    Since so many large companies are tied to Chinese Production Lines it is very unlikely that they will push the government to open exports if it could mean the shutdown of plants making other products.

    The Obama Administration has been promoting the idea that the USA will get 3 million new jobs from Green Technology Energy Production but unless new resources are found for the specialized metals used in the production of generator magnets and solar cells we can only expect to change our dependence from Arab Countries to China.

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