Safety – Tips For A Great Safe 4th Of July Holliday Party

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    Every Fourth Of July we hear Horror stories about people getting injured. The fact is the people that got hurt were probably thinking the same thing you were that … its someone else and it would never happen to them.

    It is difficult to say which holiday comes with the most tragedy New Years has its share of drinking and the icy roads don’t make for good driving whether you are the designated driver or not. The 4th is smack center in the middle of summer so people are likely to get out and go nuts but added to that is personal sized explosives.

    Some people will tell you moderation is the key but in reality moderation means you are doing the same things that could hurt you … you just are not doing it as much as the other guy.


    If your location allows fireworks follow the directions on the packet. Don’t go trying to blow stuff up just because it would be cool to see… often that just ends up with shrapnel flying at you.

    Don’t hold the fireworks with your hand when you light them. PLEASE MAN half this stuff is imported and there is no quality control. A fuse can never be depended on to burn slow enough or evenly.

    Light fireworks with a punk or incense stick.


    Sometimes there can be a dead area in the fuse with no gunpowder and it will glow for a few seconds even 10 – 20 or 30 seconds before it burns down to more gunpowder … IF YOU ARE HOLDING IT SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR FINGERS…

    Keep a hose around to make sure any misfires are completely out … better yet clean them up the next day.

    Professional Fireworks Displays

    They can be as dangerous as the ones people set off in their back yards.

    Don’t sit or park down wind from the display… When Large Shells go off they drop hot fragments back to the ground that can burn you and cause pitting in your car’s paint and window glass.

    Drinking at a Holiday Party

    You know its going to happen but really this is probably the worst time to get drunk. Think about it people you invite or attend an event with have been waiting weeks or months to get smashed out of their mind. This is an excuse for them to lose it…

    Better to have a party the week before or after … and just enjoy the holiday night sober.. that way if there are problems you have your full faculties to take care of yourself and your friends and family.

    Foods and Refrigeration

    Remember you have to keep your foods either above 140F or below 40F to keep them safe.

    If you are bringing food with you keep it in a good ice chest.

    Cook and eat your main meal early or as soon as you get where you are headed that way it won’t be sting in the sun growing bacteria.

    Choose foods that need less care. Stay away from Seafood, Eggs, Chicken and other products are known to cause problems.

    Trust your fear

    If there is any doubt that something you are doing or watching your friends or family do is not safe then OPEN YOUR MOUTH BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.

    We have fear built in as a way to protect ourselves…

    A roller coaster or haunted house can be frightening but you don’t have fear about it because you know its safe.

    Watching your best friend stick a M80 in a 5 Gallon can of Gasoline …. If that doesn’t cause you a little fear you must be too drunk to understand whats going on.

    And Remember

    Keep the kids away from everything… that means everything

    Best wishes to you all and have a happy holiday.

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