State And Community Colleges Offer Alternative Energy Boot Camps

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    A number of State and Community Colleges mostly in Western States have started offering Job Readiness Bootcamps in the fields of Alternative Energy.

    Students take a one to six week course in unison with business that makes them ready for new green technology jobs.

    One of these colleges is Shasta College that offers a range of different professional development courses. Training people in everything from SIP Insulated Panel construction for home and business building industry to Solar Farm Design  and Wind Turbine Technology.

    The training is hands on out in the field.

    If you are learning about Wind Turbines then expect to climb a few during your training.

    For this reason students should understand the requirements of the fields they will be studding and prepare themselves for any physical challenges that they may need to overcome. Getting over fear of heights or the need to work out for a few weeks is probably not something you want to skip before you start your classes or you won’t get everything you can out of your courses.

    For more information contact

    Or your local and state college and ask about professional development programs.

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