Obama Proposes Carbon Taxes But Still No Alternative Energy Plan

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    With almost a Trillion dollars set to be spent in the past 30 days in an interesting conversation with the Prime Minister of Canada before news reporters President Obama proposed that Carbon Taxes be applied to the American Energy Industry but offered no new funding of Alternative Energy.

    The Stimulus plan which was just passed has been said by President Obama to only offer a doubling of alternative energy investments over the previous Bush administration which raised funding to 700 Million dollars.

    To make a real dent in the way America generates electricity for home and business will mean a much larger investment.

    Wind Turbine Technology is available today and a single turbine can generate enough electricity to serve 1,000 homes. Additionally uninhabited areas of the US Southwest could serve as Solar farms that would provide electricity not only for the local area but that electricity can be sent up to 3,000 miles away to be used in the Midwest or any central state.

    Almost 250 Billion dollars of the Stimulus Package will be given to Fannie May Freddie Mac and home buyers that went delinquent on their loans not because they lost their job but their delinquency has snowballed into an economy where many of us have lost jobs.

    It seems that although there was a lot of rhetoric the next large spending packages will go to the Automakers and an additional spending package to prop up the home building industry.

    It seems like an awful waste and a shame that at least for the next 4 years we won’t see investments that could change our country for the better but by that time there will be no money left to fund such large scale projects.

    It is a very sad day when 10% of the spending could supply much or most of what is needed but President Obama has already started targeting coal for new taxes. The idea being if you replace or reduce the Coal and Oil industry who will be left to tax.

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