How To – Installing Carpet And Understanding Products

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    Carpet Pads

    Probably the least thought of but most important factor as to your carpet giving a rich feel and lasting many years is your Carpet Pad. Made of foam rubber type materials they are installed between the carpet and the floor and provide both an aesthetic feel and also functionally reduce the wear by providing added cushion and support.

    This means if you opt for a thicker and more dense carpet pad you will have a carpet that kids like to play on and feels good under foot. The additional padding will provide a support layer for the carpet and take some of the wear away making it last longer.

    Carpet padding comes on rolls and in a standard thickness of 7/16″ .

    Rolls are usually 30 square yards but can be cut to meet your needs.

    Rubber pads are rated in poundage from about 3 to 10 lbs. .

    Heavier pads will are more dense and will provide better wear in high traffic areas. Light weight cheap pads are only good in places like apartments where the carpet will need to be changed often.

    Polyurethane pads look like one continuous roll of product. They are denser and last longer.

    Bonded Polyurethane foams (with little chunks) look like recycled products because they are. They cost less but tend to tare and breakdown quicker.

    Special Felt and Jute Pads are used under Burber Carpet (the type of carpet that looks woven with texture patterns).

    If the room is too wide for one width of carpet pad you just butt the edges on the floor and staple very well along the seam.

    When you visit your home center or carpet show room ask someone to point out the different types of carpet pad. Many only carry the recycled products. You will notice that the heaver and better quality product may only cost a few cents more while stepping up in quality in your carpet may cost dollars. Remember a good pad give a good feel and lets your carpet last longer. 

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