NYC Auto Show – March 21-30th

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    The New York International Auto Show is running this week.

    Manufacturers are showing a number of alternative and hybrid vehicles for sale.

    Some of the offerings include E85 vehicles which run on a high level of alcohol to reduce oil consumption. We have seen some of these vehicles already however the manufacturing of the gasoline mixture is generally not available in most locations making these cars useless as an alternative when most customers will continue to run them on general pump grade gasoline.

    Other manufacturers like GM / Cadillac are presenting their insanely stupid oversized gas suckers like the new Escalade Hybrid that only relatively reduce their consumption of gasoline.

    As a matter of fact we hear that Cadillac is offering an optional 800 pound Olympic weight set that you can put in the back of their Hybrid Escalade to reduce your Mileage back to its Standard Model.

    The manufacturers are calling these vehicles Hybrid Hybrids because even-though they make use of some technologies to reduce our dependence on oil the sheer weight and size drains back any advancement seen.

    Basically anyone buying a SUV Hybrid is doing so just for the sticker on the outside.

    When you can purchase a midsized standard car and still get better mileage and performance anyone driving an escalade who didn’t also have a need to opt for the bullet proof windows is in our view an asshole.

    And that goes for anyone driving a SUV alone to work who doesn’t need to.

    However there were a few bright signs from Foreign Automakers COUGH .
    The Honda Clarity Hydrogen fuel based vehicle will begin shipping next year in limited areas of southern California.

    For more information or if you would just like to get more depressed about the state of American car manufacturers and what ASSHOLES THEY ARE visit the show at the Jacob Jaivits Convention Center in NYC this month.

    Crap man billions of dollars and they can’t find 6 guys to sit down and design a 100mpg midsized car for under $10,000 Its not a lot to ask after all they have had decades to do it since oil started running out in the early 70’s.

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