Repairing a lose board on your deck

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    Sometimes when you build with pressure treated lumber it will shrink more then expected this is the problem with one of or deck boards. Although replacing the whole piece is an option once you have stained your deck a few times and it has weathered for a season installing a fresh board will mean a mismatch in color.

    If you are using an opaque stain that will completely block the grain in the wood this is fine to do but if you like the look of wood and have used a semi transparent stain so you can still see the grain of the wood you may not be pleased with the results. With a small piece of 2×4 and some glue and screws we can reattach our decking making it safe for use.

    The tools you will need for this job are:

    • Four 3″ Deck Screws 
    • An 8″ piece of scrap 2×4 Pressure Treated
    • Exterior Grade Construction Adhesives
    • A Drill with Drill Bit and Counter Sink

    First remove the screws that are holding or should be holding down the decking board.

    Now go under the deck and glue and screw a piece of pressure treated 2×4 to your joist under the loose area of the deck board. Remember to apply construction adhesive to both the part of the 2×4 that touches the joist and also under the decking  that we will reapply.

    Go back up on the top of the deck and screw down the decking to the new 2×4 you just installed with the screws that you previously removed.

    Once the decking is secured you will be left with a gap between the boards.

    Fill this area with a good coating of construction adhesive and then insert a cut piece of pressure treated to fill the gap. It is probably a good idea to give this area a little bit of breathing room and don’t force the scrap piece into the gap. It should slide in easy so you don’t force out all the adhesive.

    This is a quick way to make a fix but replacing a board can be necessary if the board has warped beyond repair or if it has structural problems.

    In our case this was a relatively new board and the problem was due to a slight difference in the growth pattern of the tree the board was cut from.

    If you have some extra stain you can apply it in a few days after you give the adhesive time to cure.

    If you find that a number of boards on your deck have this problem or if the decking on your porch is older then 10 years old it may be time to think about replacing your decking.

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