Removing Stains from Carpet or Furniture

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    It dosen’t matter how careful everyone tries to be… the fact is there will always be accidents but a few simple tricks should let you keep your sanity.

    The most important thing is catching the stain as soon as you can.

    1) Blot the area with a dry towel as soon as you can to remove the largest volume of the spill. 

    2) Once you have removed as much of the wine or other liquid as you  can use a moistened towle to leach out more of the liquid that is trapped in the fibers. Try not to use too much liquid because you may spread the stain. A mild detergent can also be used to begin the cleaning process

    3) Many people suggest that you try Woolite or even regular liquid detergents. This is probably a good idea since they are formulated for fabrics. White Vinegar is also good but it can bleach a little so be careful in the application especially on good fabrics.

    The main thing to remember when trying to clean a spill is that getting to it as fast as you can and keeping the area moist until all of your cleaning is done will help prevent the stain from setting in the fabric.

    Flooding the area with a lot of water should be avoided because you will spread the stain.

    Pet Stains and Urin are a big problem and you can find there are products specifically formulated for removing Urin Stains and Oders.  The chemicals in the stain remover actually chemicaly alter the urin stain and scent making it removeable. 

    Urine- Off Odor & Stain Remover for Cats (Gallon)
    from: Bio Pro

    Preventing Stains
    Unfortunately some stains just can’t be removed so taking precautions by ordering fabrics that have been treated with stain prevention chemicals may be worth the extra cost. However there has been research to show that there may be links between teflon coatings used in theses stain preventers and health problems. It is important that you take the time to research this information before making a decision to coat the interior surfaces of your home with teflon based products.

     If nothing works 

    If all else fails seat Cushion fabrics can be taken to a dry-cleaner and carpets can be restored by matching their color with special paints. The manufacturer SEM has designed a line of Carpet and Fabric paints that are used in the automotive industry that can me mixed and matched to your exact color.

    You  may also want to invest in a portable carpet cleaner with a wand attachment. These vacuums work well to remove stains in carpet and remove the liquids that get trapped in the carpet padding. Wand attachments are made for cleaning furniture and cleaning solutions are matched to your needs.

    The YouRepair Store has a full line of cleaners for tough stains

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