Holiday Home Safety

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    The Holidays are suppose to be a time to remember family and friends and celebrate your religious beliefs here are a few reminders to get you through it safely.

    Fire Safety

    Smoke Alarms and Fire Extinguishers are probably the last thing on peoples minds around the holidays but this is the most likely time that you will need them. With all of the extra lighting and electrical devices we install and all of cooking that we do chances are higher during this time of year that problems can happen. Along with this is the fact that roads are often snow covered and icy and a lot of our volunteer fire fighters may be visiting their own family and friends so being your own first responder can save lives and property damage.

    • Check your Smoke Detectors and change their batteries.
    • Practice a fire drill with your family and set a meeting place like your neighbors house.
    • Use only UL (indoor / outdoor) Rated power cords and don’t overload your outlets.
    • Check your Fire Extinguishers. Check their Charge level on the Gauge and take them out of closets and put them in open view (you might not be the one that needs to grab it).
    • Keep your Driveways Clear of Snow (salt and sand at night when guests come).
    • Make sure all exits to your house are clear (remove snow around doors and off porches)
    • Put together an Emergency Box that you can grab quickly.
    • Check your Flashlights and replace batteries if needed.
    • Put a Prepaid Disposable Cellphone in your car to call for help.
    • Make a list of all the Hospitols, Fire and Police Direct Numbers, Hotels, Restraunts, Contractors, Tree Removal or other businesses in your area that you could need.

    There are many other safety factors that you should consider around the holidays and you can check our Basic Home Safety and Storm Safety Guides for more details but the main thing is that you take a little time to think before a problem happens that way you have a plan to deal with it.

    Trying to figure out what you will do in those few seconds that an emergency is happening is never a good thing.

    You may decided your best plan is to run as fast as you can away from the problem but at least you will have already decided which way you are going to run.

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