Installing Suspended Drop Ceilings

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    Well that is the end of our project and although there are a lot of other little things that we did not touch on you should be able to understand some of the concepts behind installing a drop ceiling in your basement or other room.

    This is a weekend project and you can expect it to take one person about 8 hrs for an average sized basement . The time consuming part as you might expect is cutting the outside edge connectors and the tiles that fit in those areas.

    If you are installing the lights yourself you might want to get someone to give you a hand holding them in position or you can install the hangers in the joists and the wires on the light housing and quickly tie off a corner or two before you get them positioned exactly perfect.

    Always remember to take into account any hot items as we did when working around our furnace. If you have vent pipe or chimney stack pipes you will definitely have to stay away from those areas.

    When in doubt always follow manufacture’s instructions and if you get to a point you can’t do something you can always hire a handyman for half a day to give you a hand.

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