Installing Suspended Drop Ceilings

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    Getting Started

    Read the directions that come with your materials. If no directions are included in your tile boxes then your supplier will often have an install sheet that they supply separately.

    There are many different tile types that you can use. 
    Some tiles are available in 1×1′ – 2×2′ – 2×4′ dimensions.
    You must first select your tile type so you know what dimensions are needed for designing a support grid.

    The easiest type

    to install is a half inch fiberglass type tile that has some flexibility. This will make the install process faster but it may not look as good. This tile type is usually 2×4 foot in dimension and can be easily cut.

    The second type

    that we will be using is a fiber board material. It is made of a post consumer waste paper material and is light and rigid. Installing this type is a little harder and will require special cutters if you are using a recessed type. This tile may be available in many different dimensions depending on the style and features you select.

    The third type

    is a custom wood material or other material that gives the look of  finished cabinets. This is nice for wine cellars but it is very expensive and must be ordered and installed without modification. This tile type is often hand made to order or selectable from a range of pre-made shapes and styles. Cutting is usually not an option for the installer.

    NOTE If you are  replacing an older ceiling it could have asbestos in the tile. This is probably only true for a small number of ceilings installed prior to 1980 but you never know, so when in doubt use protection or take a tile to someone and have them inspect it.

    Once you have chosen the type of tile that you will be installing you will have the dimensions you need to setup your ceiling grid.

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