ACS Home Shows – Ideas For Consumers

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    The ACS Home Show is intended to allow contractors mostly large national chains an ability to reach the public in one large event.

    For the most part you will see a mixture of local and National Supplier / Contractors that perform remodeling and depending on your location you may see anything from a small gathering with light material pamphlets to setups and product samples.

    Since this is really a promotional venue for the businesses the drawback of this type of show is having the public foot a portion of the event fee as a door cost. ACS has provided a webform on their site to give you a $2 ticket discount but because some of these companies are very large national chains I personally find it offensive that any door fee would be charged to the customer. Can you imagine having to put a nickle in your TV every time a commercial plays? Thats how I see it. I have attended many computer, camera and other shows like this and never understood the door fee even when there was actual merchandise in the show to be purchased right away.

    All that aside it can be in your interest to attend one of these shows if you are a contractor that provides services and maybe also if you are a customer that wants to see some of the products close up.

    ACS has about 40 shows across the United States from October 2007  to Oct 2008

    Admission is from $7 to $10 and remember the discount coupon on their website

    For more information

    We really hate door fees when the customer is the target and it is not an internal industry show with training and other aspects included………  Billion Dollar companies like Home Depot, Sleepy’s or the other big chains should cover the cost after all its written off on their taxes as advertising.

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