How To – Picking the Right Sized Mattress For Your Bedroom

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    There are many considerations when selecting a new mattress for you bedroom the first consideration many of us have is what will it cost but also comfort is as important.

    With comfort you will have a number of features that you can select from. There are different types of coils within the mattress, different types of box springs that are under the mattress and padding tops that turn your bed into one big pillow.

    In this HowTo we won’t be covering all of the different features that can make your budget or break your back ….. we will be looking at the physical size of the mattress and how this matters when making the right selection.

    Often when you are selecting furniture for a room you have to make compromises. Furniture is often sold in sets but whether you are selecting a seating area for your living room or a bedroom set for your guest room the dimensions of the furniture must allow for living in the space you are preparing.

    Proper Bed Sizes for Guest Bedrooms

    Guest bedrooms that are not used that often for sleeping can often be dual use. This means that selection of furniture will need to accommodate the primary function of a computer room or play room while still providing a sleeping area when needed.

    Some people like to use a fold out couch or futon to provide a sleeping area along with seating. This is a good idea when the need for sleeping is not that often and if you can find a sofa that is comfortable. If you ever saw the Seinfeld episode where jerry visits his parents you will know .. fold out couches can be hard on your back.. almost to the point you would be better off sleeping on the ground.

    Speaking of sleeping on the ground there are a number of inflatable beds that you can purchase that give a very good bang for the buck. Inflatable beds can use a home vacuum or a propitiatory pump which will inflate the bed in a few minutes. Preparation for your guests will need to start before they arrive and you can store the bed in a closet or drawer after its use.

    Inflatable beds are great for the basement if you have a finished floor or you can also put one in a den or living room.

    The final selection would be a Twin or Single bed that will not take up a lot of room but should be enough for a single child or adult. Twin beds are also fine for everyday use and come with the same comfort features found in larger mattresses.

    Bed Sizes for Child or Secondary Bedrooms

    Beds in rooms other then the master bedroom will need to factor into the floor plan and the needs of the occupant. If you have a teen or single adult a Twin Bed will work well if they also use the room for primary storage and need room for book shelves, a computer desk and dressers.

    A Full sized mattress is wider but not longer then a Twin bed and in a pinch can be used by couples or a teen or adult that just likes a larger bed.

    A Queen or Double sized bed is probably the maximum that you can fit in a secondary bedroom but if you do use a larger bed of this size you will be giving up the ability to use the room for other functions. Queen beds are longer then a twin or full sized mattress and will accommodate taller individuals.

    Smaller children can use a twin sized bed into their teens and even some adults will like a twin rather then a larger queen sized bed.

    If you are someone that needs more length and not width then you can get about 5 more inches to the length of any size by ordering a XL version .. some places in the King Sized bed it may be called a California King.

    Mattress Sizes for your Master Bedroom

    Most homes have master bedrooms that can accommodate any sized mattress and bed that you would like.  King sized beds are a favorite of many couples however the size may not be appropriate for the room.

    If you find that you are giving up more space then desired you can always drop back to a queen sized mattress or a xl double that will give you more length.


    Final Note

    Choosing the correct size mattress depends on many factors. Along with larger sizes comes higher cost.. not only in the price of the mattress but in the box spring, frame and headboard and all of the accessories that you will need.

    If you are taller then you can select a XL sized mattress but you should make sure that your frame can accept it.. most can be adjusted but ones with wood wraparounds may not be able to fit a longer mattress.

    In the end the mattress you pick should also be comfortable.

    The price you save between a Queen and a Double may not be a lot but the legroom it gives you may make the difference of getting out of bed in the middle of the night and tripping on your face with a toe that hurts … or one that will allow you or your kids to sit at a computer desk and get some work done.




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