ABC Extreme Makeover Home Edition To Build 7 Homes In Joplin MO

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    I really love watching home building shows I guess it was watching Bob Villa when I was young and then when HGTV first started it was excellent… The same was true for Home Makeover on ABC but it was really the decorating shows that started showing up on HGTV that ended the whole industry of home repair television…. It was really pretty sad… I am not sure why the shows went away and the designer shows were pushed so hard but it probably had to do with trying to attract female viewers who would rather use a Glue Gun then a Nail Gun..

    Anyway the first few seasons of Extreme Makeover were pretty great. They had good backing to cover their costs but about the time the home building industry took a hit so did the advertisers for the show.

    They also seemed to have worked their way through all of the possible reasons that an individual should get a new home… Some of the shows I even started to question if there were other more worthy people out there that could use the help.

    Anyway I stopped watching a long time ago but this next set of homes that they are going to build in Joplin, Missouri will get me back as a viewer … at least for this show.

    Sam Clifton, the contractor overseeing the ambitious project, came up with the idea of helping more than just one family. The seven homes being built will all be located on the same street and are similar in size, between 1,300-1,800-square feet. That is an average to small sized single story rancher…probably 3 bedrooms.

    “We want to help get the community going,” Clifton said. “Get some excitement going in the town. That’s my goal.”

    Two of the families’ who will be featured on the show are the Whitelys and the Howards. Crystal Whitely took cover with her three children in a bathtub, in which only herself and her four-year-old daughter survived. Kyle Howard, a firefighter, was working the night of the tornado and helped rescue a number of trapped and injured residents.

    Clifton also said that 10,000 volunteers and 21 contractors have signed up to help with the reconstruction in Joplin.

    The episode will be the 200th episode for the program, and is scheduled to air Jan. 20.

    If I can I will be watching because as of now of the thousands of homes that were wiped off the earth in that town only about 500 permits have been issued and many fewer have actually been started and this is just not acceptable …

    This is America … we help our neighbors in need .. we need to stop dumping money into crap programs that give it away to anyone with a handout that wants a new car or free loan and help people who through no fault of their own find themselves devastated.




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