Months After Disaster 7500 Homes Lost – Only 350 New Permits Issued In Joplin, MO

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    In what is one of the worst tragedies in recent memory Tornadoes wiped clean the homes of thousands and with winter approaching only a handful of homes have even been permitted by local officials for rebuilding.

    Over 7500 homes were lost along with a town of businesses large and small back in May of 2011.

    Some empty lots have “For Sale By Owner” signs on them, others are listed through agencies. A neighbor that is rebuilding says people are devastated and can’t bring themselves to rebuild.

    While others have found opportunity else where an estimated 88 percent of residents who lost their housing in the tornado still live within 25 miles of Joplin. Some rent, some bought other homes, some live with family members and some live in temporary housing provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

    The fact is the town is just not seeing the help it needs. Construction contractor John Adams said houses in many neighborhoods destroyed by the tornado were 70 or more years old.

    While many may think of Joplin being a small town its day time population of 400,000 people provided jobs for persons living outside of area. The devastation is being felt by a population that is considered the fourth largest metropolitan area of Missouri.

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