First Baptist Church And Community Build Homes For Alabama Tornado Victims

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    As a shining example that people can pull together and with just a little help from everyone a big task can be completed the First Baptist Church and the surrounding community has started building homes when no one else seems to care.

    The new homes are not grand but they serve the need of allowing families to return to their community and start again. At about 1100 square feet with donated time and the costs come to about $55,000 and after the Families FEMA Loan is used the group that helps build the home tries to cover most of the remainder of the cost.

    This is great for people that find themselves with no place to turn but honestly this is how we should all pull together.

    The fact is labor is a huge cost in home construction. In addition to labor you have fees for government inspections and reconnection to local sewer, gas and electric services.

    When the community can come together it makes us all stronger and there is a great feeling in your heart when you know a couple weekends can mean the difference of a family living in a FEMA trailer or motel … or getting back to their own home on their own street.. it is a feeling of doing something right with your life.

    Again these things are not free. Materials still need to be purchased and I would expect that some of the fees wont be waived by utilities or the local gov.. they really should be.

    I strongly suggest that you get in touch with churches and not established home building charities such as Habitat because Habitat does not help the owner in such ways… they are more about rebuilding blighted inner city areas then helping people in severe need. Better to turn to friends and your church then a politically motivated organization because we want to make sure all of the money goes ONLY to the people that had their homes destroyed.

    If you can lend a hand get in touch with the group or maybe find another town that needs help closer to your home. Joplin MO was very hard hit as well as many others.

    Mike Oliver, pastor of First Baptist Church of Williams.

    The church formed a separate corporation named “The First Baptist Church of Williams Community Resource Group” to oversee the rebuilding ministry.

    5579 Nisbet Lake Road
    Jacksonville, Alabama 36265

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