Concrete in residential construction

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    Concrete is one of the most versatile products used in construction. From the well known like foundations and walkways to the more innovative uses found in countertops and exterior siding concrete products are proving that they are cost effective, durable and worth a second look.

    If you are building a foundation you may order cubic yards by the truckload or you can quickly build up walls with Pre-Cast blocks.

    Pre-cast concrete is also used for basement stairs. Delivered on special trucks with small cranes the whole process of excavation and installation can be completed within a day.

    Foundations are not the only place precast concrete is used. If you have an underground septic system chances are that your tank was delivered and installed by the same type of crane truck.

    If you are in a remote location or conditions limit access to your property specialized pump trucks can pump the concrete through a boom in to basement wall forms or other places. To the right you see a pump boom being used because the soil is too muddy and wet for the concrete truck to drive across. The cost of the boom is less then the cost of a stuck truck.

    Today the ways you can use concrete in your projects is limited only by your imagination and inventiveness.

    And when your projects are completed concrete crushers will recycle the material for the projects of tomorrow.

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