Resident Of San Fransisco Arrested For Protesting The Install Of Utility Smart Meter – June 20 2011

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    The use of smart meters by utilities has come under scrutiny by home owners across our country. The meters are designed to not only monitor your use of electricity but in the future they will allow the utility company to make temporary or permanent cutoffs of services on a house by house basis.

    Most believe that this will lead to rationing of electricity and may effect persons with disabilities that may need electricity for home care nursing equipment, Air Conditioning and Heating for seniors and those in need. Others believe that the practice of monitoring individuals on this level is beyond reasonable and people that need to use a little more electricity one day over another should not have their homes placed into a blackout condition.

    Texas residents have already reported average monthly bills for electric as high as $1,200 after a smart meter was installed. With most averaging $400 or more which is a 4X increase in cost.

    In temperate climates such as San Francisco many homes are still using electricity for heating. This can consume more energy then natural gas but in some instances natural gas is not available. Even suburban areas of medium sized cities have yet to update utilities and many Americans accept deliveries of propane that is stored above ground in large tanks. Others rely on heating oil which is almost the exact same formula as diesel fuel. The use of Heating Oil has a very direct correlation to the price of non-renewable fuel used in our vehicles where electricity can come from many source including solar that is generated at each residence.

    The first arrest has occurred in what would normally be considered a very liberal and green activist area of our country. This goes to show that although people want others to conserve they are not willing to do so in their own homes… The site reported…

    Amy O’Hair a Glen Park resident who has been documenting the strength of the powerful microwave pulses from ‘smart’ meters in San Francisco was arrested this morning Saturday 18-June-2011 for civil disobedience while trying to prevent installation of smart meters in her neighborhood. Though there have been a number of acts of civil disobedience in the Richmond, Marina, and other neighborhoods, this is the first actual arrest of an anti-”smart” meter protester in San Francisco to date. Amy joins a number of other women including mothers and grandmothers in Sonoma and Marin Counties who have been arrested over the past year blocking Wellington Energy smart meter installation trucks.This morning, Ms. O’Hair sat on the hood of an installation truck and refused to move. The police were called and arrested her. She has been taken downtown and booked into County jail where she remains as of 2:30pm. We expect that she will be released later this afternoon around 4 or 5pm.

    It is difficult to understand the full meaning of such protests. Although they may be meaningful to bring attention it may also be that some of the people protesting Meters today were protesting other things last month…

    The fact is nothing short of legislation will stop the instillation of such devices and the protesters former actions probably lead to this happening.

    In the future it will probably be best if homes become independent in their use of energy. Solar can provide this by the way of hot water and space heating. We will also need to improve our use of electricity demanding devices and it is long past time that desktop computers use as little electricity as their laptop counterparts.

    Unfortunately the answers and solutions are long behind the enforcement … and this will lead to panics, protests and problems for everyone.

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